Is Cutting really self harm...?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by LoneWolf, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf New Member

    Ya know....I'm curious to know why cutting is considered self harm. I mean those of us who cut do it to release pain, pressure, etc....We don't do it just to harm ourselves...That wouldn't make any sense at all, not from our point of view anyways. Just because we cut doesn't mean that we are self harming ourselves, or does it? I don't think so.... For me, NOT cutting causes more self harm than cutting. Does the fact it leaves a scar and causes blood to be drawn just automatically catagorize it as self harm...Fuck no.!!! Only a jackass would assume that......How is it any different than some fat, lazy person <edit - could offend> sitting on a couch stuffin his/her face full of twinkies any different.....Being a fat lard ass is just as dangerous....Is it not? The consequences are just as equal. A fat ass could easily choke over dead from a stroke, or heart-attack just as easily as a cutter could hit a vein.....There I said it...End of fuckin story....:tongue:

    Ps. No offense to any fat asses who read this......Oh yeah I apologize for any grammer mistakes....I'm pretty drunk right

    I love you M....
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  2. Hi,

    I believe it IS self harm - for the obvious reason - it is harming yourself! I don't believe that not cutting is also self-harm due to the fact that it is the initial psychological state of mind that you don't have any control over that is creating the harm.

    Freedom of expression is ok on the forum - but - I don't agree that overweight people are lazy or that they are suddenly likely to keel over as you suggest - I think I respect people the way they are and would not stigmatise or use bad language to describe others.....

    Anyways...... how are you doing today? I hope that you are ok - despite writing about SH - let us know if you need to talk at all :)

  3. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf New Member

    I don't recall saying that anyone overweight was lazy or likely to "keel" over dead....I just simply stated the fact that it is just as logically possible as an incividual who cuts...

    You and I both know that a fat ass who's stuffing there face with twinkies isn't catagorized as a self harmer, like those of us whom cut are....but in all honesty, what is the difference..? Is there really a difference beyond the realm of what we perceive..?
  4. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Well i think you can call me a jackass then...
    I believe it is self harm, because at the end of the day, you are harming yourself. You are slicing away at your body, drawing blood and causing scars... if that isn't harming then i don't know what is.
  5. I have either gone mad or lost my ability to read.

    Your post says:

    'some fat, lazy person <mod edit - quotes edited part of Lonewolf's first post> sitting on a couch stuffin his/her face full of twinkies '

    Sorry - I thought I saw the word lazy there - my imagination I guess.

    You also said:

    'A fat ass could easily choke over dead from a stroke, or heart-attack'

    I must be seeing things. I have gone mad. I knew it.

    End of any posts I make on this thread.

    Take care
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  6. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Cutting is self harm. You're hurting yourself, cutting yourself, making your self bleed - thats self harm!
  7. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    self harm isnt a diagnosis its just two words, self harm. pain that is inflicted by the person who recieves it. punching people and hurting your hand can also be considered self harm.
  8. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    LOL guys....give him a break...he was drunk....A LOT.

    I do have to put my own two cents in here however...

    I (as an active cutter) believe that the controversial topic being discussed here could be interpreted differently by each person who practices or fantasizes about cutting.

    Instead of viewing it as self harm, self punishment, OR self indulgence, I see it as a form of release. Just as a balloon will burst when filled with too much air, or a bag will split with too much weight, so does your human shell when the stress overwhelms.

    The anger, shame, must all come out once it weighs too much. The beams will buckle no matter how hard you struggle. Its just all in how each of us decide to splinter. Some eat, some cut, some drink, some jump.....we are all hurt in the end.

    We are all hurt in the end - and the sting feels the same.

    and C...I love you too.

  9. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Hmm.... I stared at all these replies for a long, long time, before clicking the 'quick reply' button. And I also have to say that you can call me a jackass as well, because, the truth is: by cutting, you are doing damage to yourself, thus the name 'self harm'. And I also agree with Curtius, when they said:

    Whatever it is that you do, you will more often than not end up being hurt again.

  10. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    self harm is a term used to describe any self inflicted hurt that is done with the intention to alleviate (sp?) emotional suffering, that means cutting is self harm, and for a lot of ppl, so is over eating
  11. mooreno

    mooreno New Member

    Do you realy know who is doing the cutting. Sometimes another personality or alter will do thecutting to keep the other personalities from telling thier STORY ABOUT ABUSE.
  12. gothic_spleen

    gothic_spleen Antiquities Friend

    i just got out of the hospital for not even gonna touch this one:blink:
  13. Darkness Inside

    Darkness Inside Account Closed

    mum says shell send me to a mental hospital if she catches me cutting again. So tired of everything.
  14. alison

    alison Well-Known Member

    Cutting is definitely self harm in my opinion.

    But I think you raise a valid point, is cutting that differently than binging, if it is done for similar reasons? Binging is unhealthy, and if a person does it with the purpose of mood regulation, I think it could be considered self harm. I have a history of binging and binge/purging, and my therapist considers both of these behaviors to also be self harm for me.

    I cut, burn, binge, binge/purge all for similar reasons. Its a release and makes me feel better in the short term. And they are all harmful. Therefore, they = self harm.
  15. xXWhateverItTakesXx

    xXWhateverItTakesXx Forum Buddy

    Yes, it is self harm. I have given this a lot of though, actually. We cut because it helps us relive stress and become calm. So there are MANY ways of doing this (Such as cutting, burning AND binge eating!!) We do all of these for the same reason; to feel better. So yes we are harming ourselves in a manner in which we fully understand and are prepared to accept the consequences, for the short term benefits.

    I strongly agree, that binge eating is self harm if you are doing it to feel relief and to make yourself feel happy. Because that's the same reason people burn, cut themselves ect. It is just not as widely used/recognised.

    :hug: xx
  16. Tray

    Tray Well-Known Member

    Well i hope people don't hate me for this but i agree. its not self harm. None of those actions are self harm. Who is in charge of determining what activities we partake in is bad for us? And who really cares about these peoples opinion?

    In actuality to me its more of self indulgence. I love it so much even if it does have seemingly negative effects. But the way i see it i love it and despite what it does to the appearance of my body I'm the only persons who's judgment actually matters.
  17. Darkness Inside

    Darkness Inside Account Closed

    if it does harm to your body maaaan even if uhhh you do uhh get cut it might not urt or it muight its still harm though
  18. Tish

    Tish Member

    self harm is just a term. perhaps over used. but you can call it anything you want, self injury, self mutilation, self harm or the one that i like (my psyche nurse first said it) self preservation. because that's what it is. yes on an outward level it is physical damage to your body and thus self harm but on the inside it's self preservation, helping to continue your life.

    here's a giraffe cuz i like the giraffe :Leiaha:
  19. All these mixed emotions

    All these mixed emotions Well-Known Member

    Some good points are made...

    im gonna start calling it, relief of life..

    i context; "i am of to relief my life a little"

    (but still it does harm)

    im still confused!

  20. Truth

    Truth New Member

    I feel the same way.
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