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Is he doing all this to hurt me?

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I have a very good friend who I treasure deeply. We were boyfriend/girlfriend, from July to November (2010), and there have been emotions running wild ever since, but we are now friends.

This is a guy who promised me that he'd be there until the end of my days, would always support me and that he need me to survive.

The problem is that everything he do hurts the shit out of me. I don't know what kind of feelings I have for him, but obviously there is some still there. I don't want him back at all. But sometimes it seems like he enjoy hurting me. Like he loves getting the confirmation that he is worth a lot to another human.

Yesterday he visited me and left in a very sneaky way, so I knew something was up. And today I got to know that he went to a party with all my "enemies". (when I say enemies I'm talking about a gang of people who try to get all my friends against me, and who is spreading lies about me.) When I asked him how he could do something like that he shrugged and told me that they haven't done anything wrong.

I'm so angry, I cannot stop the tears running down my face. I told him that if partying and all those people mean so God damn much to him then he can forget about me.

What should I do? What can I do? Is he doing all this to hurt me?
He is just a horrible man that seems to get a "kick" out of hurting girls!!

You need to forget about him, because he does NOT deserve someone like you. You deserve love and hugs, not some asshole like him.



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Yes, I agree with what the above poster said. You need to get this person out of your life because he will only slow down your recovery. I know that this wont be easy as you have some feelings for him but its just something you'll have to live through for a little while. You know im there for you, always so feel free to pm me :)


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if you're getting a feeling that theyre trying to hurt you you're probably right. seems like youre still have feelings for the person you thought they were , not who they are. you seem like a sweet person. you don't need that.


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Kick him to the curb!! You don't have to put up with his crap... If he's hurting you now it's only going to get worst the longer you hang onto him..


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xXWhateverItTakesXx: thank you for being so sweet :hug:
I don't want to defend him or anything, but I got to say; he is not the one who is out and about playing girls. he had a girlfriend before me, they were together for 3 years, and they didn't even have sex. a player or someone hunting girls wouldn't put up with that. and I just want to be friends, because we have such a great chemistry, we are so.. alike.

Hellfrost: Thank you, my dear Hellfrost :hugtackles: you always make me feel better when I am down ♥

lollipop: I don't want your words to be true, but I know they are. I guess I'll have to be strong.

Stranger1: you have no idea how close I have been sometimes. but I know you're right, I've been hanging on to this since November. that is 8 months, and it still hurts so bad.

thanks everyone for great answers ♥
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