Is he Happy? (possible trigger)

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by carol2237, Feb 12, 2008.

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    This one pretty much explains me... how i feel on a day to day basis, yet it is not about me... thus the word 'he' instead of 'she'


    He feels alone in the world
    Yet he is surrounded by people
    Is he happy?
    Yet another day at school passes
    Where he has no real friends
    Is he happy?
    He wears a mask to fit in
    Not letting his true self show
    Is he happy?
    Afraid of being rejected
    As has happened so many times before
    Is he happy?
    He feels empty walking though the halls
    Yet others see him as happy and carefree
    Is he happy?
    Maybe one day he will open up
    And let the feelings of hopelessness out
    Is he happy?
    But today is not that day
    Waiting until he can no longer take it
    Is he happy?
    How long will that take
    Minutes? Months? Years?
    Is he happy?

    ~If your going through hell, keep on moving~
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    I see myself inside the lines of that piece, great writing
  4. Great writing, That suits me perfectly.
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