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Is it all my fault?

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I'm really starting to think it's all my fault. My parents blame me for almost everything, everyone i love ends up dying or getting seriously hurt. I just can't live with it anymore. The only thing that has kept me alive all this time is the hope that it will all get better, but it won't. I just want to end it all, but i don't want to hurt anyone, even though some of them hurt me. I've lived with this pain for so long, but i just can't do it anymore.


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Hello, welcome to SF. What kind of things do they blame you for? I doubt these things are your fault.
My brother had a major fight with my mom today, and my mom then started getting mad at me for no reason, and just left. My dad is blaming me for it. She still hasn't come back and we don't know where she is.

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Parent problems are their own okay don't let them put their insecurities on you
It is not your fault they cannot cope The need to get out and get some support for themselves t hen and stop taking it out on you I hope you have a councillor at school you can talk too about this it helps to talk to someone hugs
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