is it bad to lie to my therapist?

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  1. Aphorism

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    Not sure exactly why, but two weeks ago I decided I should see my therapist again. I first saw her three years ago when I was having difficulty adjusting to moving. She's great, and I pretty much trust her.

    But I still have not been able to tell her everything. I couldn't even admit that I've thought about outing myself. And I'm not really all that at risk for actually going through with the act, but it would've been better to own up to having suicidal thoughts.

    Hell, I haven't even been able to really say that I'm bisexual. Which isn't such a big deal to me, because I've told plenty of people in my circle of friends.

    Yet with my therapist, I'm almost paranoid that she'll tell my mom or just over evaluate this more than necessary. I don't know, I always get the urge to lie when I'm talking to my therapist.

    But really, regardless of what I say, she'll tell me that I've just got to adjust my thinking. Turn the negative thought into a positive one, right? Yet, I'm having trouble just even figuring out what's going on in my damn mind. Some days I just feel like dying.
  2. Sadeyes

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    We all withhold...we do not disclose everything we want as we think certain things will feel shameful or uncomfortable, or fear we will be rejected towards saying more of what you want and you will get there...big hugs, J
  3. rojomi

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    No. What do you actually gain by trusting a stranger? Nothing.
  4. Aphorism

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    hey thanks i guess i will just try harder at really saying ALL that i want to say... bleh so hard to think about not censoring myself.
  5. Aphorism

    Aphorism Well-Known Member

    but it's a stranger who has a degree in this kind of thing, i guess.
  6. rojomi

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    is it a therapist or psychiatrist? Either degree I've known each personally and their lives were more messed-up than mine. The last 2 shrinks I went to were total quacks. The 1st was dressed as a hooker and was angry because I hadn't arrived 3 hours early to complete a novel of my life. She 'thought' I had an eating disorder-I'm neither fat or thin; I'm bipolar NOS, mild. The second was an Indian,(Slumdog millionaire type); he got my 'diagnosis'-and asked me what kind of med I wanted! Wish I'd asked for Valium, Seconal, spammer, Xanax, and so on. He probably would have written it and buzzed to the girl-"NEXT!".:irony: