is it bad to take somebody with you, why would it be.

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  1. I see the women in my life that I love, and they believe they love me but they do not. They see me as the self I have, that is the habit and pattern the way of life that I live. They would leave of course if they found it unnecessary. I do not relate to them as they do I, and it is the belief that they love me that kills me. The people that live this life are only simple in complication of this life, the purpose that does not exist in regulation, in society does not live here. There is so much diversity that once was, but it is lost in the meaningless human ideal.

    Killing myself for all that is unnecessary, as no purpose in my life. Recognized in every other person, as every other living being exists for continuity the fight to live. It has never been necessary to kill somebody in the way that I live my life, but now that I seek to end it that very cause has lost its meaning for all others aswell. What happens as I attempt to kill myself? the people that are in service to themselves and the way that they live there life may prevent it. Killing could come and it definately will if this continues.

    raised of social immersion, it would likely bring the belief and value in that uniformity that is to value the life of others.
    Killing another person, why avod that if it is necessary. Self-determination is completely lost as the diversity of life in this world.
    Everything is regulated, there are people to sustain but not to maintain the sustainability.
    It would definately be difficult to intentionally kill another person. To live life as people do in a regulated way attachments form.
    This is all that brings that difficulty and that is the association of people as relative to ones`self or those significant within that life.
    a human, that is human is not necessarily human in all that is humanity.

    I would readily kill all that I could within my ability not because of human emotional or necessity but out of purpose. where purpose is a path that winds in all meaning. I am going to kill and that subjective, will be done.
  2. no thread to bear for this destructive sense

    I am dying,
    slow starvation, the very death that brings one to wonder.
    As noone could know of that which brings my death until it is upon me.
    coming to the 2nd year of this, time will tell.
    time is the only barrier between my life and that certainty.
    all the means of self-destruction are to bear on my shoulders with the illusion of content in my outward appearance.
    I recognize the tear that is in me, though others do not it is still theres to share in all cost.
    This is love is not lost, it is the connection that is love. love that I feel for the life of life as it is the interdependant balance of diversity.
    I have got to end this life.
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    Re: no thread to bear for this destructive sense

    Killing others is bad. I'm not even sure what your point is. Your writing is rather incoherent.
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    the point is, bad is subjective.
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    I dont think bad is subjective at all, maybe nuanced, killing someone is bad but you may have attenuating circumstances.
    Anyway two wrongs dont make a right.
    Do you think it would give you your smile back or your life ?
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    killing someone else, who does have a subjective purpose in life, who does not want to die, is wrong. If you want to kill them for the sole purpose of giving yourself a purpose, then that my friend, is selfish. What if you were in those persons shoes? What if you were in their shoes and from their perspective, wanted to live because your goal in life was to find the cure for cancer and it gave you a reason to get up every morning and work your ass off to find that cure? Do you think they would want to die? And tell me, what exactly would be the "purpose" in killing another person who WANTS to live?
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