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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by }{Feather Pen}{, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Is it bad that I wish I had an eating disorder? Well, I mean, I know it's bad, but I do sometimes. I really do. I hate being fat and I just wish I could become anorexic. But living in the deep south as I do, there's food everywhere. If you skip a meal around here people freak out. Am I insane?

    CRUSHED Well-Known Member

    hehe..people freak out!

    Well hun,
    if you're insane than i'm insane too

    I wish I had an eating disorder eavery day :(, in the same time, scared to hurt my self and not be able to go back on track-back to normal :(
  3. I wish I were an anorexic that way I'd have a reason to kill myself. :sad:
  4. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    you dont have to be anorexic to be skinny or kill yourself.
  5. Well, in my case, I DO have to be anorexic. My sisters are all skinny and pretty. I guess I got all of the fat and ugly genes. Now everyone in my family compares me to them. :cry2:
  6. Scum

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    It seems like there is a lot of ignorance on this thread about eating disorders.

    Anorexia does not give you a reason to kill yourself.

    You don't have to be thin to be anorexic.

    Anorexia does not make you thin, it makes you emaciated and ill.

    Let me show you something.

    Read these links.

    Do you really want that life?

    There are healthy ways to lose weight, maybe try and go to the doc and see about getting some help and support.

    Take care of yourself
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  7. eating disorders arent glamorous or a quick fix. they derstroy the very fabric of a persons soul. there whole mind is thinking

    " whens my next meal, how can i get out of it, how many calories in this, how many calories have i burnt today, how many calories will i burn tomorrow, if i stand up ill burn more calories, if i go out with friends i can lie about eating, im so fat i want to punish myself, im so hungy but i just cant eat".

    it is life consuming and not an effective way to lose weight healthily or become 'skinny'. it is also not a reason to kill yourself..

    Try and read up about healthy living, 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day, daily excercise, drinking plenty of water etc etc. if you need to lose weight it will work if you stick to it, you will feel healthier, and the weight will stay off as opposed to crash dieting.
  8. I'm so tired...
  9. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    Go and get some sleep. Also make sure you are eating enough carbs that give you energy, and getting a balanced diet and if it continues go to the docs to get checked for anaemia, etc.
  10. Nah, I know I'm not anemic. I just don't sleep well. But my Zoloft has helped. I've just been stressed because of the History state exam coming up in a week. My doctor told me the reason I'm manically depressed and severly stressed is because my family and friends try and bleed their problems into my life and I feel responsible for doing something about it. That's what makes me the way I am. My mom gets intoa huge fight with her boyfriend, she calls me to come get her. She won't get anyone else to help. Everyone gets me to hep and it's tearing me apart..
  11. savetoniqht

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    I'm sorry, but this is one of those things that bothers me more than anything..

    you say you want anorexia, but you don't have to live with it. You don't spend your life thinking about food at calories every second of the day. Your life doesn't revolve around exercise. You don't end up in hospitals a couple of times a month. You can have kids, you're not killing yourself. And once you start, it's almost impossible to go back.

    You don't want an eating disorder; you want to be thin. There are other ways of getting there. Sure, dieting is hard and it takes time, but I promise you it is not nearly as hard as living with an eating disorder. Trust me, I know how it feels to want to be thin, but I guarantee you will be happy by going at it in a different way. If you really think you're fat, eat healthier, exercise, but don't think an eating disorder is the only way to get there.. it's not something you want to deal with.
  12. slim_to_none

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    i cant say anything that hasnt already been said.
    anonymous. has said it perfectly.

    its like that saying about people getting animals as presents (im an animal activist i must add), "a pet is for life, not just for christmas".
    .... an eating disorder is for life, not just for the time you want it for.

    be careful.
    pm if you need.
  13. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    I wish i did too. you arent alone.
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