Is it bad...

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  1. emozillapwnsyourface

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    ... that im a complete *****. I feel better when men or even women compliment me or want me. When i was dating my boyfriend i cheated on him alot and i diddnt feel bad at all. It made me feel so much better about my self. I have an extreme low self esteem. I belive im fat anf ugly and when people compliment me I feel so much better. Right now i have about 6 guys who want me right now. >.< i litterly cant resist. Its not even about sex or whatever i do, its that feeling that i feel afterwords.
  2. Rayne

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    If you're happy with your need for attention, then there is nothing wrong with it really. You're free to act as you wish.

    However, I think it is completely unfair for you to enter a relationship with anyone who is not okay with you cheating, as it seems you really do feel the need to cheat and you'll just end up hurting them.