Is it even worth it?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by No1_knows_me, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. No1_knows_me

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    Is it even worth it to keep on living? After all, the best case scenario won't be anything great either. You graduate, you get a job, you get married, you get kids, you retire, you die. Why keep on when you're doomed to repeat the same routines every day till you retire, and then you just change your routines a bit and repeat them till you die? You get up so that you can go to work, then do w/e you do, get home, eat, watch some TV and go to bed. You repeat that for 40+ years and then retire. Then you just get up and do nothing and then back to bed. Maybe you're lucky and you won't get sick, or maybe you get a cancer or something during all the years and suffer from that. Slowly all the people you know are dying around you and you might be the one left alone.

    Seriously, that's all life has to offer. Is it even worth it to keep on living to experience that? Only few of us will get to experience something truly awesome during their lives. Most will jsut have the average life and you only get excited when you're watching the Idols finals.

    I just feel like I don't wanna go on. Why would I continue? I hate working, I have no social skills so I'm doomed to be a loner and I won't be getting kids since I hate them. Life has nothing to offer for me. I still can't understand people who are afraid of dying. To me, that's a tempting option. To just die, to not care about anything anymore, to just dissappear.
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    Man come on, you watch Idols?

    Life is filled with with all emotions. I find myself in a situation where I've had the same exact thoughts in my head, but I realize that I have chosen to wake up and go to the boring stressful job every day. I now realize its under my control to get further education and find a job that I will enjoy doing. Life doesn't have to be boring and repetitive, and can be eventful and ever changing.
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  3. dav

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    No1, I hope you find something you can be passionate about. We lose what we care about eventually, but it's still a great ride while it lasts.
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