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Is it just depression?

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I am wondering if I am just having another bout of depression or whether I could have possibly another disorder? As most of you know I had a major bout of depression when I was 15/16 and managed to over come it and work through it. I never returned to what I was before my depression, the happy confident happy go lucky girl, however I was not really sad anymore. I am 20 now, and in between the age of 16 to now I have had frequent periods of depression that have lasted 2 weeks but sort of worn off. I have never particularly felt continuously happy either.

I have had this bout of depression since November 2010 and I am currently on meds. My moods fluctuate a lot between extremely happy and then come crashing down to suicidal. I have done some pretty peculiar things such as randomly go on walks without thinking about what I am doing (which is unusual) and I have stayed up till 3am cleaning the house.

I ask this questions because of the frequency I get bouts of depression and my severely fluctuating moods. I took a test for personality disorder and depressive disorder. The personality disorder test came back with a possibility with borderline personality disorder but I don't think I fit that criteria. I don't self harm a lot like PD's and I'm not obsessive in relationships etc. I just don't really fit the bill. However, the depressive disorder test came back with saying I have a very high risk of Cyclothymia, the milder form of bipolar disorder. It is where you have a hypo manic state, a less milder form of a manic state but you have the depressive state too. I have looked it up and I seem to fit the bill for that perfectly.

I have tried to get an appointment with my doctor to discuss it but can't get in. I was wonder if anybody else has bipolar or the milder form and what your treatments are like? Do you think I could possibly have this or am I just being paranoid?


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It does sound like you might have cyclothymia or possibly bipolar II depending on how depressed/manic you get and how long each episode lasts. You say you're on meds but don't say which one. If it is an antidepressant, you could also be experiencing a medication induced mania/hypomania. It is a very good idea to tell your doctor about your highenergy/happier episodes. They'll probably want to try a mood stabilizer in conjuction with or instead of a regular antidepressant.

Let you know if you have any further questions or advice. I don't usually come to this website but you can pm me.
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