Is it just me or that.

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    Self proclaimed nice guys who always bitch about how its arseholes get the girls are usually the real arseholes???

    I mean over the years I've been accused many a time of being the knuckle dragging neanderthal arsehole boyfriend that is straight out of a shitty teen romantic comedy.
    I mean its not that I'm bothered by it as I make no bones about who I am, that I'm somewhat rough around the edges and I'm not exactly the sensitive type but that hardly makes me a jerk. But it seems interesting that a lot of guys who have accused me being this cling on to the whole I'm nice guy women should give me a chance ideal yet when these guys get into a relationship, they end up fucking it up by clingy jealous and emotionally abusive c*nts.

    I mean the other day one of my tutor underlings Alice told me that a friend (who is also a friend of my GF) of hers had fancied my missus and near the end of last year I was severally depressed and it sorta give me and my missus doubts about if our relationship could survive long term wise. My missus needed a shoulder to cry on and he pretty much tried to take advantage of this by telling that I was using my depression to trap her and that I was jerk bah bah bah and she should leave me for something else as I could be cheating on her. This someone else being her because Not long after he admitted to her that he had feelings for her and asked her if she would give him a chance. She turned him down and he called her a lying c*nt and she used him. Not according Alice this guy ran crying to her saying how unfair it was even though she pointed out that he tried to sabotage my relationship with my GF, pretended to be my missus's friend when in reality he wanted to just get into her pants and got all nasty at her when it all turned to custard. Yet this guy swears black and blue that he is the victim and I'm the arsehole.

    And I've come across plenty of girls who had similar such guys so it does make one wonder who are the real arseholes here.
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    I think THIS is relevant to this post.

    Assholes are assholes and they come in all different shapes, sizes and scents... BUT... anyone who has the need to proclaim that they are a "nice guy" usually has a mean streak they're trying to suppress... :/ As it is... Wearing the "nice guy" cape is already a none-too-subtle attempt to influence the way you see them. If you REALLY want to be a nice guy; do it, don't just talk about it.
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    This is something I have noticed as well.
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    Conversely men who describe themselves as not the sensitive type and go for the whole macho bit are really fragile and sensitive. Just too scared to or unable to show it.
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    i also have experience with this 'saying you're a nice guy' thing, lol. a person i dated for a bit was really often saying 'but really i'm a nice guy', while actually it was pretty obvious from the start already that he's pretty insensitive. i don't even know what/who he cares about if anyone at all, lol, cuz he certainly didn't seem interested in what i had to say or might've felt. he was also very bad at reading the mood and stuff like that, like he had no sense of perception as for knowing whether i'm 'into' something or not, even when i gave reeeeeeeeeeeeeally clear hints [like literally saying that i don't want to kiss lol, i just generally don't like kissing].
    tho well i guess i'm lucky cuz i didin't feel anything 'romantic' for him lol, or more like i just can't feel like that, i was just spending random time. although at first it seemed to me that he wasn't really the romantic type either [for example attempting to kiss me several times lol, and then saying 'what do you want me to tell you i like you or something?'], but he turned out to be completely sticky. obviously i broke it off with him pretty fast, cuz he was just annoying me basically. tho i guess i was pretty mean to him in the sense that i didn't really try to explain 'why' to him much, cuz when i attempted to, he didn't understand aaaany of it lol, and belittled it to me 'overthinking' [i tried to explain him that i can't develop romantic feelings].
    well, that's one 'nice guy' description there
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    I think I'd have to agree with most statements here.

    It's simpler to let everyone make up their own minds, as they are entitled to do. Some like, some don't, it's just human nature.
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    Some guys use the guise of a "nice guy" to get women to trust them, only to hurt them. I've known some self-proclaimed nice guys who were emotionally manipulative, controlling, and even had other girlfriends on the side. I'm not saying all nice guys are like this, just certain types.
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    Listen I complain about being a nice guy however its ONLY ON HERE A COMPLAINING FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never call myself a nice guy infact its just the opposite I wished girls thought I was edgier I even once acted like a jerk but it didn't work. So when I say I'm a nice guy its because that is how girls view me. I'm not all that great I'm just polite and don't like hurting peoples feelings unlike other guys who say whatever is on their mind. That doesn't make me nessarily nice but when I complain on here about being a nice guy its complaining about how girls see me and not so much me saying I'm jesus.
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    yes ofcourse, this doesn't apply to everyone, sparksman >_<, do not take it personally. just that some people conveniently use this
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    Maybe but the point I'm taking to make is that just because a guy isn't the sensitive type it doesn't make him a full blown arsehole.

    That and this idea that some men believe is that your either a unappreciated nice guy or a knuckle drugging foaming at the mouth jerk is fucking stupid.