Is it just me? (teenagers - wtf?)

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    -__- Is it just me or have teenagers changed ALOT since I was in high school?

    When I was in high school, everyone I knew had a part time job.
    Not a 'summer job'- but like... a job after school/on weekends...
    I was the only freak in school who worked 3 jobs and went to classes though.

    Everyone had to buy their own clothes.
    Mom is STILL buying my brother's clothes for him and he's 16. I started paying for my own wardrobe when I was 14. XD

    Clubs were FULL of people!
    I was a member of 8 clubs at one point and all of them were pretty much full~
    My brother told me that his school doesn't have any clubs- only sports teams.
    No clubs?! whhhhat?!
    What else is wrong with his school? Is there no art department, either? 0_o

    It was rare that you would hear gossip about people who were dating when I was in school. I guess no one really gave a shit and a half about it?
    Now... facebook feeds are full of gossip fodder about who is dating who and who is about to break up with who... -__- sickening.

    Everyone dressed differently.
    I think there was one occasion where another girl at my school wore the same sweater as me on the same day... other than that, though-- everyone looked different. Looking through my yearbooks; everyone dressed differently/ everyone wore their hair differently. Everyone was unique in some way.
    My brother's highschool is filled with a bunch of kids who all look exactly the same. I shit you not!
    XD All of the guys have beiber haircuts; wear loose jeans and graphic t-shirts; all the girls wear leggings and plaid tunics - with long; straightened hair and a lip ring. seriously. everyone.

    Not everyone had a cellphone. Phones were never brought into the classroom... and this morning, little brother texts me something- I text back and he tells me that he's in the middle of a class.
    Get off your phone, bad boy!!
    I can just IMAGINE all the texting going on during a lesson -______- tweeting, facebooking... and whatever else. GOD, I sound like an old lady!

    What is happening to teenagers? It's like they're all turning into mindless 'follow the leader', spoiled brat zombies! What happened to responsibility? What happened to creativity? Does anyone even get work done *in class* anymore?

    That's my rant, I guess.
    Teenage members; please PLEASE feel free to prove me wrong!! :shelbi:
  2. nolonger

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    Personally? No. I've recently stopped doing an awful lot of work in class. Sick of school and don't really care about it all anymore. But school's out for 2 months until next year so woot :D. I think the kids do a lot more work at home. I haven't done any homework for a few years. And I've never studied :).

    Beiber haircuts? Like NO guys at my school have those haircuts :unsure:. Plus we have to wear school uniforms, so we can't have random crap on :tongue:.

    Clubs? Mmmmm....wouldn't say we have any clubs. But then again I barely know what's happening(I don't talk to people during break....well barely any of the time :laugh:).

    And I don't have a phone! Well I do...but it's a crappy Samsung thing that fits in the palm of my hand. I got barely any credit on it and I'm pretty sure the battery is flat(I can't remember where I put it, lol). Plus I don't really have anyone to call or text to - I'm not the random blabbing "let's waste 400 dollars on texting" type.

    I'm not on facebook. Well I have an account but I don't go on it. No point in it, as stated previously in a different context(don't socialise, no friends blah blah).

    I never even bought one of the yearbooks! Wait...maybe mum did. I think I had one a couple of years ago but I haven't had one for the last two.

    It does seem like kids are a bunch of shits these days :| - be good to see how they all turn out :laugh:.
  3. 1112222

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    Personally I've always thought that this whole your generation is so slack argument to be rather silly when you consider that if you listened to people who were your current age back then when you were a teenage high school student. Those people would be saying that exact same things you just said about you and your fellow teenagers.

    Also Clubs shit that must be a Canadian/American thing.
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  4. KittyGirl

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    Doesn't matter, I guess.
    I've never fit in before and I never will so there's no sense complaining as though things were great when I was in school.

    Just ignore me. I'm fucking stupid.
  5. Axiom

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    Hmm.. Well when i was in school at 15-6 most of us had part time jobs yeah. I worked as a waiter/cook with a few friends, a few others worked at safeways ect. Yeah we'd buy our own clothes, but my mom would get me stuff too :)
    Clubs were dependant on the school region I think. The more schools with students who were more study directed had more clubs.
    Yeah clothing was relatively always different.

    Cell phones and facebook is just the development of access to tech :) Ours was cd players, then to mp3 players.

    If you're interested in my opinon, trends were always around, just different depending on the time. It might be beiber haircuts now, but back in the days there were mods and rockers, goths, emos(<--hate this term, just throwing it in there) leather jacket styles.

    Techs just evolving, communication is expanding and increasing. Things are going to change drastically :) Instead of waiting to see someone after school, you can txt them during class. It expands thecommunication process, and also reduces the patience and inticipation aspects that kids used to have.

    ;) Believe me, every generation feels the same about the previous :) Dont feel bad or anything. You're not stupid babe, it's just one of those things. Believe, when I was in grade 5, i couldnt believe the shit coming out of grade 1's mouth. It's just social evolution. We keep them grounded in some fashion by reminding the next generation of a different perspective, that perhaps they are not aware of.
  6. cult logic

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    Yep, we're all worthless bastards.
  7. aoeu

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    I never worked until I finished high school, personally, and chances are good that you're overstating the number of people who worked, likely biased by the type of people you hung around with. (My siblings always did much more than me and were at least partially subsidized by my parents, any costs I incurred were always less than that, so I wasn't required to work.)

    As for everyone looking the same, it's probably just your brother's conformist group you're encountering. There are always groups that look identical, in university I continued seeing them (Abercrombie and Fitch EVERYWHERE).

    As to phones, I don't recall many in high school, but by university everybody including me (and I FEAR phones) started carrying them; I think it's a change in technology, not youths.

    And gossip I think was always around in similar amounts, but you probably just didn't encounter it. I overheard a good amount of gossip, but no one ever gossiped to me because I didn't care. You can see it easily on Facebook so it appears there's a lot more.
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