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Is it justifiable to slate groups of people?

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by meaningless-vessel, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    I am just wondering how others see this question.

    Politicians get slated frequently, as do some celebrities, to name two groups, by a high number of people both on and offline. Are they also people? Do they truly deserve most of the flak they get from others? I can guarantee that while I'm occasionally wondering what possesses them to do what they do (ie, drug riddled musicians or high profile affairs), I also wonder, should they truly be disrespected and bitched about? Many of us on this site don't generally like someone who would do this to us, (hence part of many of our issues), yet we can be just as hard/harsh/spiteful about others who are also people.

    Lawbreakers aside, as they fully deserve comsequences to their actions (my biased view, criminality is not tolerable), is there any groups of people you know who get vilified who really shouldn't? (Example, doctors, for making a mistake get moaned about, but are they also not susceptible to being human therefore imperfect and likely to make mistakes too?)
  2. Prinnctopher's Belt

    Prinnctopher's Belt Antiquities Friend SF Supporter

    I don't know what you mean by "slate". Do you mean to criticize others? Everyone gets criticized and dismissed for their actions. Whether they should doesn't matter because it happens and it isn't going to stop. However, there's a saying, that he who is without sin should cast the first stone.

    I think people slash others in public because it's scandalous, it's exciting to have a subject people can hate altogether, and many people make a lot of money from doing so. It's hip, the "cool" thing to do to make themselves feel superior somehow by pointing out the shortcomings of others.
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  3. ravens

    ravens Well-Known Member

    I dont know. I know I may do this but I realize at the same time were all not much different in the end. Maybe im a hypocrite sometimes, maybe im just insane or too sane.

    In my theory, everyone is selfish and looking out for no1 no matter what. The politicians who lie, they just are doing it for a way to make a living and would likely not get anywhere if they didnt know how to at least bend the truth. Then there are the 'good' people, maybe they are an addictions counselor or something that helps others, I would argue they have the same selfish nature as everyone else because the reason they like to help people is because it makes them feel happier. Although it is good that they are doing something that helps others in the end they are doing this because it makes them happy, while for others helping people might not make them happy. Even mothers who take care of children do they do it ONLY for their child or because they couldnt live with themselves if they did not do this? Anyways just my theory that people are more the same as evil people than they like to admit, because I do think it is everyone ultimate goal to be happy for themselves, some can achieve this by being evil and others have to achieve this by being a 'good' person. For example the other day I made a lunch bag for a homeless person, why did i give it to them? just to make myself happier and feel better about myself but he benefited as well. Were all just like a bunch of ants, just some get off in different ways.

    Am I crazy er what?
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  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    I'm not clear on "slated" as a term either, though using Google I see it is a British term meaning "criticized severely." And, no they do not deserve that. In fact, many times the people who are criticizing them do the same things, or worse, themselves. Unfortunately, people who have a public image are subjected to that, in particular by the media. Sometimes it is very cruel. Other times, it benefits them and their careers. Bad publicity can often be good in that it brings someone up into the public eye. Many times, it does not take long before their "bad deeds" are forgotten or forgiven. Remember the ruckus over Mel Gibson several years back? I really doubt that in the long term it did anything to really hurt him.

    While it's sad that this occurs, and shame on the media for perpetuating it, this is the price that is paid to be a celebrity, politician, sports star, or other public figure. It is not like they do not know this going in. For those who have positions that are idolized or looked up to, particularly by younger people, they could do more for themselves to keep their image clean... but often times little things can be blown out of proportion in the media and a simple deed exaggerated severely. Then there are blatant "I want attention" situations, such as Miley, who we can only say shame on them for having a need to do the silly antics that they do to try to grab attention. A really quality musician (or actor, or similar) should be able to stand on their talent and not really need to don clown outfits, so to speak. No offense to any fans of these individuals, I just grabbed at the obvious examples that are current in the press.

    Do they deserve to be "slated"? Probably not. Unfortunately, it goes with the territory. Actors, as a for instance, don't become successful actors without having a thick skin (rejection, early on, from auditions can be a difficult thing to weather and only the really strong survive). If they've risen to the top, then it can probably be assumed that they have developed a skill to take things with a grain of salt and to build off of any media to their eventual advantage.

    In a closing note, imagine if each of us were attacked on our character in the same way that some public figures are. How would we feel about that? Would we just shrug it off, or would we be here on this site talking about what it has done to us? Food for thought.
  5. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    If I was attacked on my character in that way, I would probably find some way of weathering the storm myself - but perhaps eventually blowing out. I've been verbally abused for as long as I remember, (and I see written abuse/lies as a likeness), and most of the time I've managed to withhold how I truly feel about it. So throw that into a media circus, I'd probably hate it.

    But then there are groups of people (as mentioned in OP), like doctors - who aren't allowed to make mistakes without getting some form of "retaliation" from patients/their families - where doctors are people too. Or if an accountant makes a mistake (could just be one number wrong, but it could be thousands or even millions pending business/client), chances are they'd get reprimanded more heavily with the bigger the figure - yet they are also human.

    Next paragraph may contain hints of "racist content" but it's how best I can describe what I've heard others discuss

    There's a lot of judgemental characterisation that I have heard from others (and it makes me feel sick) - that "black people are criminals" (that's the impression I get from others). It's another character assassination - but that is more what is primarily perpetuated through the media - scaremongering. Here in the UK - there's even a "beware the hoodie" culture developing. Now I wear hooded jumpers myself, and only when weather is adverse would I have my hood up - yet I can still receive some foul looks from those who judge hoodies as bad. (primarily - when people who wear them commit crimes, they have a hood up to try hiding face from CCTV as there's enough programs on TV these days to show us what happens - cop shows anyone?) - But the whole group of people who wear them are "categorised" - just like the "black people being criminals" categorisation. And I hate that with a passion, because they are people too.

    Does anyone really get to know and understand someone else to the extent that their own personal opinion changes? Speaking for myself, it's happened on a number of occasions that my own initial impression of some has changed. But there are those who I seem to form an opinion on and it doesn't need changing (such as not interacting with my colleagues outside of work where I know there's an illegal drug use + if they get together, they'd have alcohol too, which I would avoid like the plague) - but that only took a few days to hear them discuss it at work for me to tell myself - work with them, but don't associate.

    There's so many different "categorisations" of groups of people - that it is a wide topic. Gender/sexuality/race are 3 - occupation/income/fame are another 3. Public eye vs private life, intimacy vs solitude - but what really gives any of us (and i'm guilty of judging some before getting to know them), any right to actually bemoan those who are either more successful or have what we want? Whether it's the release from pain/suffering or the development of being away from depression more than with it, and having a suitable career/life path or even down to having understanding friends/family/relationship - we're all quicker to moan about others (yes, I've done it), but do we all forget that they're actions are their perspective? (unless criminal then as already stated - I have no doubt that they should be made to have consequences).

    I'm as imperfect as anyone else - and I've judged before. I'm trying to change my mentality more, so I judge a lot less (there's bound to be some element of it somewhere), but I don't agree with bemoaning others for my own lack of success for what I want.
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