Is it love? or must i just give up?

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    ive dated this guy. i fell madly inlove with him i never felt this way with any other guy. sadly he cheated on me. we broke and me not wanting to end our friendship i told him we could stay friends. hes is such an amazing person us hanging out and talking is the best. i can spend the whole day with him and ill always have a smile on my face. me n him spoke and i finally got my closure cause i was hurting about the break up for like 6months of just crying and depression. i also asked will there ever be chance somewhere in the future not now but later on in life that me n him can get back together. he said no we been thro so much thick n thin we are better off as friend. he told me that i am an amazing person but i must get over him cause he hurted me and he dosnt want to ever do that to me ever. but his personality and everything he does or say brings me back to him. me and him still mess around even if i have a bf or if he have a gf we cheat on them just to see each other n get some. like i said him and i are like best friends we tell each other everything and when we hang out its always such a blast.
    latly hes been having gf problems cause his gf found out he got me pregnant but it was before they dated but i helped him thro it and they are back together ( i couldnt keep it for many reasons) and he helped me thro the process all the way. he tells me that he loves me n all n now he needs to keep our friendship on the downlow cause of his gf

    i dunno what to do.. i know its wrong cause we cheated and all. but i have so much feelings for him still. should i tell him? i dont want to get rejected and feel like a fool. what do you think what are his feelings. am i just in over my head??
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    I understand what it's like to want somebody you can't have but you have to ask yourself this. If your meant to be together then why aren't you? When I split from my gf of 7yrs she wanted to stay friends but I just found it to be torture. She started dating other guys and going out having fun while I laid in my bed night after night pining for her and waiting for her phonecalls. In the end I had to tell her we couldn't be friends anymore because it was bad for my health. I just think you risk not moving on while you still have him as a friend and it's a great ego boost for him knowing you still want him. I hope this helps in some small way. Best wishes
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    people have told me that but its hard tho. cause i feel like he has the same feelings for me also like today he told me he loves me and jokingly i told him yea you better and he was like i really do and i sorta took it to heart :unsure: i dunno im so lost
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    Thank you for this. Maybe you're right, my girlfriend who meant the world to me finally broke it off.. a few weeks ago. it's hitting me very hard now even more than before. It was very sudden. She's with someone else now. It was a long distance thing so.. It's hard not to be understanding, but it's hard for me to accept that i couldn't meet her needs after all we've been through together. Not nearly as long as 7 years, almost 2 years. She said she wanted to be friends, she said she doesn't hate me but I'm in a different mental state than her now and It's tearing me apart. I sit and just want to get her messages, i sat all day yesterday and that's the only thing i did.. all day long. I just waited. I feel like a freak if i try to talk to her about my issues I'm having right now, but honestly i wish i could still be a good friend. I care about her a lot and I want to be there for her, but she treats me differently now. It's not the same anymore. But thank you, reading that made me feel a little better about everything.
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    So he cheated on you, and you, knowing how that feels, cheat on your b/f or enable him to cheat on his g/f?

    Human beings are peculiar and disgusting creatures.