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is it me?


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ive always been secretly in love with this friend of mine but she was always with other guys and even one of my best friends. now the last couple of weeks we have been really hitting it off. she has always liked my apperently and i knew i could feel something there. anyway i recently slept with her it was interrupted but the next morning she was still showing my a little magic.
the following day i asked her out to dinner, she said ok awsome. she has work everynight this week so no go, but im more concernd that she dont text me during the day...
i think im too needy maybe but it feels like shes lost interest in me..after sex.
i always do this to my self and i convince myself she finished with me then i feel sad. but its only been 5 days, am i a nut case, should i relax.
someone tell me what i gotta do cos im loosing it over here.


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I think you have to pull back and give her the space she is trying to get...sometimes we creat our own fate by pushing the situation...it is going to be as it is, and unfortunately, you have to let it happen...it is difficult to give up the control, but here, it seems, you have to let her come to the relationship in her own time...J

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