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Is it my fault?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by BleedingTears, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Is It my fault that i don't want to do something?

    I hate it when she does this to me, she's supposed to be my best friend. She's supposed to know what i'm going through. Yet she sits there and types that she has a worse off life and stuff about her parents leaving her. Thing is her parents aren't dead are they! She wasn't the last person from your family to touch them. When that was what happened with my mum. I was the last person from our family to hug her the night before she died.
  2. iwishiwasinvisible

    iwishiwasinvisible Active Member

    sweety it doesnt sound like your fault..people always think they have a worse life then others...things effect everyone in diffrent ways..my friends and i always try to challenege others life..but until they r in ur shoes and ur in thiers no one really knows how bad the other person see thier life.......plz tell me bout the last time you saw ur mom.....parents though some r butt heads still r one of the most important factors in our lifes..
  3. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Try your best not to let people think they have a worse of life than you or have gone through more or less that is to hard to compare and is to unfair.no one walk's in your shoes and experiences your pain so they have no idea exactly how much you've been hurting.It's true she doesn't understand exactly how you feel and the pain you've gone through,try not to blame her alot also her pain is far different to your's.

    We get people saying to us all the time there's alway's someone worse off than you,because they may see you on the outside and physically you seem well yet don't have the faintest of a clue what your suffering has been like.
  4. Last time i saw my mum was 29th October 2000, she was in hospital because she needed a heart and lung transplant. I was 8 at the time and i didn't know what was really going on. Or why we were constantly in a hospital. That night when we were just about to leave a bunch of nurses were in my mum's hospital room and everyone else had said goodbye for the night and the nurses kept asking me to hug her. But back then i thought if i hugged her i'd hurt her. Eventually i ended up hugging her, she was shaking like anything so that night we left thinking tomorrow would be like any other day, my sister and i would get up and get ready for school and such and my dad would get ready for work. I was wrong. My dad and my sister woke me up, both of them were crying then my dad told me. It just so happens he lost his job on the same day.

    I've always felt like i was the one who killed her because i was the last one from the family to have contact with her. I've never let myself forget that night and i never will forget her face as she lay there in her coffin, I miss her so much... :sad:
  5. Twisted Sweet Lies

    Twisted Sweet Lies Well-Known Member

    That must be hard. At least you got to say good bye have peace in that. Your mom left knowing you loved her. It probably ment a lot to her. What if you hadn't hugged her? Would you be regretting it now? I know that happened to me. My friend was dieing and I was afraid to go see her because I didn't want to see her in pain. Now that she's gone I regret it. She wanted to see me and I didn't go now I have that regret. You didn't make that mastake though so be greatful for that. She went knowing you loved her.
  6. lost_soul

    lost_soul Staff Alumni

    i'm sorry you feel so bad. i don't know how it feels to lose mom. i do know how it feels to lose my dad and my best friend. the last time i saw my dad was in december of 2004. we haad an argument because he was drunk. i told him off, and never spoke to him again... :( i never even cried.
    the last tiem i cried was when i found out my best friend died(murdered). i cried for almost a week, and tears just dried up and disappeared.
    it's not your fault your mum died. you should really feel happy. as she was passing, the last thought she probably had was of you holding her. comforting her. remember that. remember the good things.ok think about happy times.
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