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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by 10mg_existence, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. to be on a daily benzo regimen for 3-4 years? just wondering how common this is. I think it's safe to say that I'm 'addicted' but that seems to be ok with my doctor.
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    Hello. For two yrs. now I have been off of xanax. I was on the medication for probably five yrs.. Before I got taken off the medication I was in College and working. I maintained a 3.4 GPA in the Bio. Ed program. After getting taken off the medication I isolated myself, dropped out of school, and quit work. That was two yrs ago, and although I have been through various meds, things have not improved. I still isolate and I feel as if I am being pushed into oblivion.

    I did abuse the medication. So they were justified in taking me off of it. Yet now, it feels as if I have no hope. Things that I used to enjoy, I dont anymore, and this is pretty much everything. I have no motivation at all now.

    I have given various SSRIs plenty of time, and although they have probably kept me from sinking to the horrible horrible lows, it is not enough. The antipsychotics did not help either, nor the non addictive relaxants which just make me sick.

    For sometime now I have been debating seriously harming myself in an attempt to make them realize that my problem is serious. I am not willing to continue like this. I do therapy, but it does not help. The beauty of everything I no longer see.

    So....... The question is. What now?

    Continue as is. Or do something extreme.

    That is all, thank you.
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    My dr is really strict with benzo's... so far it's been v limited and for special occasions so to speak, cos she doesn't want me to get addicted as I "have enough problems." :rolleyes: If you think you want to come off them speak to your doctor about a gradual withdrawal.
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    its okay.
    not great. but okay.
    i too have been on various benzos over the time ive been on medications. (two years or so).
    and yeah. my doctor seems to have no problem increasing my benzo use.
    and i have been known to do swaps of another medication of mine to get valium because i crave it.
    i dont know if anything of what ive said is helpful. i hope it is. benzo useage is quite common. and addiction is common too.
    but if it helps. it helps. and thats the important thing.....

    good luck.
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