Is it ok to give up now?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by WhyamIhere1989, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. So getting dumped out of a long term relationship and then being made redundant wasn't so bad. I mean it was but the gp gave me a prescription for prozac and everything was looking up, or just not as down as it normally would. Now, on top of not having a job, I haven't managed to find someone who actually likes being around me, and now there's the chance that we could be kicked out of our home. This wouldn't be so bad if I still had my pills to keep everything running smoothly but all of a sudden, despite how it says on the pill box "Do not stop taking this medication" the gp's send me a text saying that my repeat has been declined and that I need to fork up forty bucks to go in and ask for more pills.

    Near the start of this year, a good friend told me that things could change and that I should have hope, but when is it ok to say hey I give up! I don't know if I believe in fate but maybe I'm supposed to? I just want to know what there is to stick around for.
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    It's for nobody else to decide whether or not it's ok to give up. That's entirely your decision.
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    I am not sure who the "we" is in the scenario when you say "we" could be kicked out of home. Do you have housemates? Kids? Other family?

    I don't know how your system works fully - here you have to have your repeat scripts reviewed periodically by the doctor. I know that forty bucks is a lot of money when you have no money but if the medications were helping you then it is worth $40 to get back on an even keel. It is impossible to deal with just about anything when you are depressed - depression is like that.

    I hope that you go to the doctor and get your meds again and that you give yourself time to heal before worrying about a new relationship. You don't need to give up - I know it feels like it would be easier but in the long term, there is nothing 'easier' about feeling crappy and hating your life. It can get better - you know that with the right medication, things improve. Taking the meds gives you space to work on improving the other things. Don't give up *hug*
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    No it is not a good time to give up Hope is there Talk to your doctor get help from community services but push forward ok the relationship did not work so time to move on to a new one. If meds worked then keep on them so you have more energy to keep fighting for what you need ok
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