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Is it okay to be a post hog?

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Just wanted to see if I get on anyones nerves answering all posts that I do? Not that its going to stop me from posting (sorry I feel like I NEED to answer everyones thread) but I just wanted to see if its okay that I throw my 2 cents in or if you prefer that I just stay out of it.

Who knows where this is coming from..........and dont think you will hurt my feelings with negative answers (if you know me, you know it wont), I guess I have a need to know.


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i like it when there are people who want to help others and have actually useful suggestions for them.
also, i feel like you actually think about the person's situation and dont just repeat the words "ok get help", "got a therapist?", "are you on meds?" etc.
i doubt that anyone would have a problem with you wanting to help them :laugh:
annnnd you also dont kill the newest posts by attacking the coffee house lol so i do think you give constructive advice to poeple.
keep up the good work :thanks:
Well done, diy, that cracked my first smile today. Something about the absurdity of it all.
BTW, I think Black Dog Churchill was responsible for your tag line quote.


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Please don't stop! I'm always really touched when you reply to my posts because you think about what to say and give pretty damn good advice - advice I wish I could give sometimes!


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When I woke up today to snow, (yes snow in March) I was feeling like total crapola,

reading your posts made me smile and brought tears to my eyes.

I just want to say "they like me, they really like me" but maybe that would be to much, lol.



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We do like you, we really do like you! (Well I do, and judging from the posts above, I think they all do too) :D

I'm glad the message got through at any rate :)

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