Is it possible I have some sort of disorder?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Fdt, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Fdt

    Fdt Well-Known Member

    I've never really looked at the way I feel / act from a medical stance, I've never had any sort of therapy at all or even consulted a doctor. But the more I hear people with social (and other) disorders talk about themself, the more I feel I relate to their feelings and actions very closely.

    I'm a 17 year old boy, I feel very depressed a lot of the time, with random spouts of unwarranted happiness every week or so. My life is extremely embarassing for someone my age, I wake up 2 hours before my lesson is due to start each day (whether it starts at 9am or 2pm), I get the bus to college, attend lessons then get the bus home. I then either go on my computer, or just sit on a chair by myself next to the fire, that's all I do, each and every day. I never go out, I've never been to a party in my life, and I don't drink alcohol.

    While at school I don't really talk that much, everyone walks around in groups but I walk around on my own all of the time. In class I have a couple of people to talk to in one of my lessons, in the others I'm just silent the whole time, I try really hard to find something to say that's worthwhile, but can never think of anything.

    I had one proper friend, but he's slipping away now due to him moving school. I don't really contact anyone while not in school, I've had my phone for 5 years, I have 7 contacts, 3 of which are my bro, mum and dad so not like I could contact anyone if I wanted to. I'm longing for a relationship, but all I could really offer her is my love / personality, I think I'm a reasonably interesting person, but I don't do interesting things.

    Is it possible I have some sort of disorder that I could get help with? Or am I just the result of a shit life + depression?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I think the proper person to diagnose you would be your doctor your GP can do that and if he or she thinks you have social problem the doctor can prescribe you medication or ask you to see a therapist You really shouldn't get diagnosis unless a professional does it because there are so many variants that come into play when diagnosing someone. Talk to your doctor okay if you are concerned so you can start getting help sooner rather than later. Take care.
  3. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    Well you're not alone there Fdt. I tend to have a relatively 'stagnant' life. It's the school holidays now(finally, god lol) but this is the way I structured my day when it was the school term: I'd usually wake up at like 6 ish, get 2 peices of toast for breakfast. Sit and watch the TV till the digital watch hits 7:35 am. I then get dressed for school, turn of the computer for which I don't no why I bothered turning on. I then walk to school at 8:15 am practically everyday. School passes by. I don't really talk to many people if any during the breaks. I sit in the library reading books(some of them are pretty good mind you lol). I do that for both of the 2 breaks we have in the day. I then walk home. Get home by 3:30pm usually. Drop my bag near the door as I walk into the house, go to the bathroom and the like. I then go to my room play computer and stay there till dinner is ready. Which is usually about 5pm in the arvo depending on what time mum gets it done. Once dinner is done I then watch TV till 8:30pm at which I have to go to bed:)mad:). Probly drinking maybe 2 to 3 coffee's from 6 - 8:30. And that is then done for every day that have have school the following day.

    On the weekend I sometimes skip breakfast get a drink of water from the fridge check what's on TV which is usually just morning talk shows with fucking happy people on them. I then go back to my room and play computer for a while. Lunch time is usually at 12 depending on what we are having. Back to the computer etc. May go for a swim if it is like 38+ degrees lol. Dinner is at 5 ish as usual. And then I'll check the TV guide on the internet and see what's on. If nothing's on I'll be playing computer till maybe 10:30pm can be usually 12 at times. On sundays my family isn't 'allowed' on the computer. So my 'mental' anxiety can go nuts. I may look calm or relaxed or sometimes tired on the outside but I'm really thinking of killing myself and ways to achieve it. My mental stability goes very bad on sundays even though it can seem the opposite on the outside. And that is pretty much my life during the school term, constant anxiety and suicidal fantasies. Sick shit. On the holidays there is a lot more computer and a bit more relaxed mentality. But it's still in the background. Wow I should probly get help sometime that just sounds sad.

    Anyway IF someone managed to get through that I hope you some comfort in knowing that you're not alone and sorry for making you read so much :(.
  4. bubblin girl

    bubblin girl Well-Known Member

    i live the same thing even i wake up 2 hour to college when ever my first class start...then back in my bed room and set all day on net or tv & back to sleep...the difrent is nobody talk to me even in class...have no cell have 2 contact only mom & dad.

    i know that im different...but i cant tell if i have disorder or not...some times i wish i have disorder just to feel more secure about my situation & drem that its something treatable & can get better.
  5. brinelara

    brinelara New Member

    I have anxziety panic disorder.If i get excited i get a burning feeling in the back of my head and i might pass out... i know it seems pretty lame, but its real...

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