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    Is it ever possible to do enough to not be needed? To have your children as well prepared for life as they need to be? To make everybody in your world in a position to not "need" anything anymore?

    Like working yourself out of a job - do such a good job automating systems that you make yourself irrelevant? Maybe a carpenter building a house would be better as an analogy - eventually a day should come that the last nail is is in and there is nothing left to do? But applying that principal to life and family?

    I am a big fan of goal setting and follow through until completed but I recognize that goals need to be goals and not pipe dreams. So which is it to say you want to finish everything you need to do given a seemingly never ending new set of things that need doing?

    Not really a useful question here I suppose as it seems more common to struggle for relevancy than irrelevancy. I suppose I could make myself irrelevant faster by not doing than by doing. That seems like cheating though. But if the goal is preparedness and making it so people do not need that may well be the wiser course? My psyche makes it far easier to try to do though than to not do -

    I want to be like the carpenter whose job is done because the house is completed and no more work left to be done. I want to make myself irrelevant by finishing the job. Is it possible to do enough so that is the result of life? To not be needed anymore because everything is done?
  2. Terry

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    Been trying to do this for years lol.

    I can only think of the hole my father has left.
    Not just in that we miss him, there is always something coming up where we say "if only dad was here".
    Doesn't mean we aren't standing on our own two feet, just that the impact a person has on one's life doesn't end when they do.
  3. Sadeyes

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    Being needed and affirmed in a family is a critical part of parenting and intimate relationships, which I think lasts as long as the parties are with us...there will be grandchildren, life passages, etc., that only the counsel of an adequate parent/spouse can provide...about all other things, I do think it is possible to reduce anyone's/anythings dependency, but again, I usually suggest to keep what you like to do and delegate the rest...parenthetically, here, you are not allowed to do that as well need you so very much
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