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Is it possible....?

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I think I'm just crazy, but is it possible to be so afraid of people that you will do absolutely anything to avoid them and even going outside causes you to search around frantically and avoid going outside if not necessary? And, if you have to call, no matter who it is, you're absolutely terrified who could be on the other end?

For those who want an explanation: My girlfriend's parents have treated me like crap and they've invaded my private messages with her and disrupted my sense of security, and the way they look at me makes me feel like utter shit and I fear for my life, even though I know they won't lay a hand on me. I have been avoiding them as much as I possibly can, even though it's a stupid, silly fear.

Am I just crazy, or is it possible to develop agoraphobia and/or other anxiety disorders from a person (or persons) treating you badly



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To answer your question, yes. But surely you must feel some insecurity within yourself because of the way they are treating you. That must have caused your social phobia.
You aren't crazy, you just need to talk to a professional, someone who can help you understand this social phobia you are going through, and help you to get a handle on it before it turns into agoraphobia.
Take your time, keep posting here and talking to us. This will help you prepare for the next step, support first, professional second. We are here for you, vent all you want! We won't judge.
You are in my thoughts.


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To be honest, I would love to get professional help, but my family has barely any money right now, and I'd rather not let my dad know about what I'm going through. He is, for lack of a better way to say it, pretty insensitive.


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This is my first post in this section of the forum. I'm not sure if I can offer you any help, but I'll say a few things...

It looks like maybe them seeing your private messages got on your nerves? Like you, I can be self-conscious sometimes. I think it'd be a lot worse, though, if I knew that others knew my private life. I like my privacy and would never want to share it with others. If somebody took away my room or my books or my computer or any of the other things that allow me to be private, I would simply shelter these things in my thoughts, as I have done before. They can never take from me my thoughts.

I have a strong conviction that some things should always remain private because -often- others would not understand. Additionally, it takes time for a person to produce their own ideas, which happens through introspection and is bolstered by having a private life. It's too easy for interpersonal relations to be irrational about things. By the time a thought comes out of your mouth and goes through their ears and into their brain it has lost a portion of its integrity. So you have to repeat over and over using different words. Furthermore, it's too difficult to search for people of a like mind who can contribute to my ongoing thoughts effectively. For example, I try to be a computer and science and fantasy literate person. If somebody else isn't then it's hard for me to build on these topics with them.

But anyway, I get self-consciousness sometimes around certain people in certain situations, so I can understand. Maybe time can help to heal your wounds you received from this. Make no mistake, these mental wounds are just as real as physical wounds. Somebody else invading your private space is a very threatening thing for them to do and is not friendly. They attacked you.

Does having social anxiety mean that you have agoraphobia (spelling)? I don't think so. I can still go out in public. I just sometimes am self-conscious. I don't want others to know certain things about me because I don't want to spoil the mood. For example, my lack of success in life might bring others down. So I don't want them to know about it. It makes me conscious of my self when I am participating in the commons. I don't want to bring attention to those things in me that might indicate I am a failure. I also am very nervous around girls. I get shaky feet and nothing I say makes me satisfied. They make me very defensive and I start to feel ugly or inferior to other men who meet their expectations. So I get uncomfortable. The greater the distance between me and them the more relaxed I am. And this is generally true if I am around somebody who irritates me. If they're constantly attacking me or not understanding then it's unwanted. So I try to avoid people like that. I like people who love to think and discuss things. But it just seems so hard to find those kinds of people. Most people, it seems, just want to be and run around with each other. I don't fit in with that mold. But I'm not arrogant about it.

If suddenly my innermost feelings/thoughts about sexuality and females were to be broadcast on the radio for all to hear I would feel offended. If they similarly broadcast my failings in life and my bad choices and my random far out thoughts then I'd also feel violated. It would breach my trust in society. It would destroy the notion that I am a person and have a private space. It's tantamount to throwing me to the lions. People would hear anything and everything I have ever done. Many would not understand. There might be some understanding, sure, but witch hunts still happen even today. Whether we could ever live in a society where we have no privacy, is an open question. But, right now, at this present time, our privacy is a right, and to abuse it, is essentially a crime.

Maybe by sharing some of my thoughts it can cast insight on your own. Good luck.
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