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Is it really worth it?

What should I do?

  • Push through it with pdoc

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  • Get a new pdoc

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  • To hell with therapy all together

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Here's the deal: a while ago, I went to my first session. Just paperwork and not really many questions. I answered the questions in the most honest and non-awkward way I could with my mother in the room and I ended up with bi-weekly sessions. This irked, me a bit. I felt a little unimportant, but I accepted it because Dr. C might be overbooked or have some patients in more desperate need of therapy.

2 weeks later, I'm back in her office. Not much was talked about, mostly mundane things (I have social anxiety and don't tell my best of friends what goes on in my head, how am I supposed to tell a woman I just met these things) Anyway at the end of the session, she informs me that the next time we are scheduled to have an appointment she is going on vacation that week, so I won't get to talk to her for an entire month. On top of this, after the month-long wait for our next appointment, that'll be the last one for quite sometime because she's going on maternity leave.

I'm feeling all this anxiety now. I have thoughts of suicide and harming now. Not in 2-3 months.

I feel ignored and belittled in nearly ever situation of my life, I don't want to be ignored by someone who is supposed to be helping me too. :(

Should I keep at it with her? What should I do?


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If i was you i would ask for another doc and explain that you need to see someone on a weekly basis also someone that isn't about to leave on maternity or holidays. We all have this right and i do know where you are coming from i only get to see my mental health nurse once a fortnight. So hang in there and try another one.


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I would get another pdoc.. Thats along time to wait to see someone...As far as opening up, you'll feel better once it is all out on the table.. Why don't you write down your thoughts and when you get in to see a pdoc let them read what you wrote..sometimes it is easier that way..The main thing is you have to be honest with them because they base your treatment plan on what you have said..If you have to fill out more paperwork tell your mom this is personal and go grab another chair..

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Get a new one. It doesn't sound as if she'll even be available to you, much less have much opportunity for the two of you to build trust and ever get anywhere.
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