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Is it stupid to apply for a job that requires what you don't have?

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No, give it a go.
Might be you can bring something new to the job.
Get in there and sell yourself!


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There's always a chance that you will have enough of some of the skills and be ready, able, and willing to learn the rest...Give it a go! No harm in trying. :)

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Not at all. I have a sibling who now makes an obscene annual salary all thanks to a rather large lie about his work experience right out of college. Ya never know.

In my own experience on both sides of the interview table, those requirements often end up being akin to starting offers in a bargaining session. We would like this... but might settle for this... or some of that... or what have you.


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My sister-in-law once applied for a job that required previous experience. She said she hadn't any previous experience but was willing to learn. She ended up getting the job anyway. Definitely no harm in trying. Good luck.


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The worst that can happen is they don't call back :) Why not. It shows an interest, and you could swing it that you have a passion to advance and learn that maybe other people applying or who are currently enlisted in that company might not have.
The problem is, you need the experience to do the job, otherwise they wouldnt put it up... however there are many jobs that dont such as my local computer stores.... DONT ASK ME WHY.... but im sure youll find a job my friend.... :)
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