Is it worth giving it another try?

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    I'm talking about the dating site Plenty Of Fish. Does anybody on here having good experiences from it? I wonder if I'd been more patient I could have found somebody, I ended up deleting my account. I did end up becoming friends with a couple people on Facebook that I met on there but I don't talk with them really, no spark I suppose.

    I've been trying to get over a guy I've been interested in and have known for four years online. He was interested in me too but we've drifted apart recently, long story.

    What are your guy's opinions on dating sites overall? I tried OkCupid as well, but I didn't have any luck finding anyone at all on that one. It just gets old being single.
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    I have tried an online dating site before. Its a nice easy low stress way of getting to know someone without the terrifing prospect of having to ask someone out in person.

    I have a friend on plenty of fish that says its an alright site. Cant say I have tried that one myself tho.

    You should give it a try. What have you got to lose.

    Finding someone can happen in the oddest ways sometimes and when its least expected.
    Dont lose hope. I was single for about 5 years before someone managed to drag me kicking and screaming out of my pit of singledom. :smile:
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    Your right, you never know what will happen and I don't have anything to lose from it. I'll make a new account today and have hope. Thanks!
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    Good Luck!
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    Thanks, I've been signed up for a short while now. I don't know if I'll ever be able to find anybody though. I think I'm still hung up on this other guy and I feel like I'll never meet anybody with the same qualities. I wanted to still be friends with him and he agreed but he barely writes anymore and we don't chat on MSN anymore. He always says he's busy with work. I think there's more to it...I'm starting to think I should just give up and accept the bond is over.
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    moving on is always hard but maybe its best for you.

    dating sites can be fun, you can meet nice people and with luck the right one, but theres always weirdos out there too so be careful

    good luck, be patient
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    I've used Plenty of Fish twice before; once a few years and ago and again recently. I've always managed to meet lots of people that I have a lot in common with on there and could have gone on to date if it wasn't for my social anxiety issues with meeting face-to-face. Keep at it and eventually you'll find someone for you, I'm sure of it. From what you've said about this other guy you like it doesn't seem as though he's all that interested. Try cool off and give him some room to breathe for a bit and see if he finds his way back to you - til then don't hang around waiting for him and start making connections of your own. =]
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate your replies. I'll do my best to work through this, it'll take some time though.