Is it wrong for me to say no...

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    ... if this is the ensuing situation?

    Quick background - I'm not working, so free time is pretty much all day every day. If needed, I generally help my sister and her partner out by looking after their 2 kids should they ask.

    The last time I was asked, just last Friday, I politely declined. So the day rolls around into today, the day for this rant.

    My brother-in-law had asked my eldest niece if she could do the 'babysitting' of the 2 kids, so she was there. But he'd then thought to ask me, about 3.30pm today, if I could come down and sit with the kids (hopefully in bed), so he could run her home - problem there? None.

    On the way down there (I left around 7.30pm - it takes me 5 mins to walk there), I even turned into one road just as he drove round the corner, so I jumped into the car and was with him. The next bit was fine, getting the older one (5 year old nephew) into bed, and that took around 10 minutes or so.

    It wasn't until 8.15pm that my brother-in-law took my niece home - fine - not a problem - I half expected a 15-20 minute round trip as it's not the longest journey in the world. I also had overheard something he'd mentioned though, about wanting to use her mum's printer. Just a bit part of conversation that didn't involve me, so I paid no real attention to it.

    He took an hour. There was no traffic issues. I kinda got peeved at the situation, for a couple of reasons. Had I not said no initially, I would have been home before the time he left to take my niece home. But also, had a couple of others looked after the kids, I may still have been called upon to sit with the kids for them to be taken home (and it wouldn't have taken as long to do so, even though one of them lives further away in terms of time than my niece does).

    What makes this even more frustrating... is the number of times these two have used comments like.. "Oh we don't want to take advantage of you."

    /End Of Rant.
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    No it is not wrong for you to say no hun YOu have your own life and do not have to say yes everytime someone wants something from you. hugs