Is it wrong to want to commit suicide?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by peaches23, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. peaches23

    peaches23 Member

    I feel like I am hardwired to fail...

    It seems difficult for me to imagine living without love and I have never loved anyone, yet I have tried many times all without success. I used to have thoughts about suicide and I cried about it sometimes as I thought that I might do it, but after that I thought I came out as happier person. It's now that I find myself in a similar mindset after another string of failures and looking back I feel like I have gained nothing worthwhile... I don't see how anyone could even love another person that has such thoughts and I constantly find myself taken aback in situations where I just can't have fun or enjoy myself.

    I'm not sure...
  2. riz

    riz Senior Member

    I don't know what to tell you.

    I don't think it's wrong to contemplate. I just think that life is worth enough to keep trying. Suicide may not be "giving up" but it may be a way to go without fighting for life. For living.

    Problems can be temporary. Pain is fleeting. Memories hurt but losing hope hurts more. You just have to gain perspective. Life looks a lot better when you stand at a distance. Step back and take a look at your life.

    Is there something you can do that will make the pieces fit?

    PM me anytime if you'd like to talk.

  3. gitana

    gitana SF Friend & Antiquitie's Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi, I am glad you found us here! I know, it is hard to imagine living without love. If you don't mind, may I ask about your family? When did you feel that you didn't feel love?

    May I ask, are you seeing a therapist, getting some counselling to figure out why you feel this way? There is a reason that you don't feel love and feel like a failure.. It is difficult to find love when one is feeling that it may seem hopeless (?) If you work on yourself and through good therapy.. and it will be painful to work through issues and get healilng so that you can have relationships..

    Can you or do you feel comfortable talking about why you feel like a failure..?and you don't need to explain it.. You are not a failure but what I have learned if talking about it.. with someone or getting therapy to help you figure out why and how to move on and not suicide.. may be helpful.. maybe you need medication to help you with your depression?? Nothing wrong with that.. sometimes one has a chemical imbalance in the brain and one feels this way..

    I have been there too.. in situations where I can't enjoy myself or allow myself to have fun either.. Talking it out may help, therapy, maybe medication, if needed.. not sure.. hope you will seek counseling, if you aren't in one.. to figure out why you get to this point? Speaking from my own experience.. I know.. and deeply understand.. many people here do too.. that is why we are here to help walk beside you and with you through the darkest of all times.. and I know and understand what that darkness feels like.. as many people do.. I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't found SF by
    "accident" and people kept reaching out to me..

    I hope you will give us a chance.. feel free to pm me anytime also if you need someone to talk to and we all are here for you. No matter what.. we have all been through it all and extremely suicidal.. When I think back and I can't tell you that I am perfect and that I don't feel this way still at times.. but now I come here first.. The people here at SF has helped me tremendously.. To be honest, I wouldn't be here at all.. if I hadn't found SF..

    I hope you will give us a chance to be there for you.. Lean on us in your darkest moments.. talk to us and share.. keeping it inside is not good as one
    may react without thinking.. or feel free to PM me or talk to anybody you feel comfortable with.. We are here because we understand and have been where you are..


  4. peaches23

    peaches23 Member

    I don't think that my family doesn't love me, it's the love of another person I mean... I'm not a virgin or something, it's just that any time I meet people I like they, they never seem to feel the same way about me. I don't think I'm bad looking or that I'm trying to shoot for something that is unrealistic... I wonder if sometimes people can sense my thoughts despite however I might act on the outside which is why things never seem to work out.

    I'm not currently seeing a mental help professional, nor do I think I ever would - that would seem too weird for me to do... especially when I feel like I know what the problem is, all they would do is reinforce this. I'm not really sure what to do anymore, not succeeding just makes me want to stop trying... I have no clue what I'm doing wrong or how to change things.. :(
  5. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I don't think it's wrong to "want to" commit suicide, perhaps only "wrong" to actually do it, as that cuts off all chances for positive change.

    My soon to be new little dog spent the last seven years tied to a garage and ignored, physically and emotionally. He never lost hope, however, and is still loving and trusting. Now that we will have him his life will match what he always hoped for - a loving home in a house with soft places to sleep and belly rubs and good food and walks. He's proof that good things do come to those who wait.


  6. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    There is nothing wrong with feeling down, hopeless, or even suicidal. Such emotions are better felt and experienced than not at all. Death however will come to you eventually, so there is no reason to hasten your chance to make the most of life while it remains precious and right there before you.
  7. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    It may seem wrong but I do have sympathy for the people who have taken their lives because I know how they've suffered.
  8. Jawa

    Jawa Guest

    I dunno if this makes sense, so I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability.

    Feeling suicidal is when you've reached your rock bottom. Coming out of it feeling happier is when you bounce back up. Just remember that you are like a rubber ball, you may hit rock bottom, but you'll bounce right back up.

    The fact that you have gotten out of those feeling and are feeling happier before, means that the depression is one of your darker hours. It will pass and you shall feel better. As long as you are brought up in a loving environment you shall thrive and be successful in life.

    Good luck with everything and I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

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