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Is it wrong...

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... not to want to eat? I really can't make myself sometimes. I don't eat much, usally just a small tea when parents are around, other than that, usually nout. I just look at food and want to be sick, thinking of all the shit that would go into my body, the fat, the grease, everything. Is this wrong? I don' think it is but recently... stuff has been happening and... I'm kinda worried to be honest. I can't talk to my friends about it coz they don't now I don't eat and I don't want to like... stress them. They have problems of their own and I need to be supported them, not the other way round.

So anyways... Is it wrong?



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I cant really answer if it is right or wrong really as each person has their own ideas on it and I arent going through it hun.

But.... there are many ways that you can safely put food into your mouth, simply by watching what you are eating, veg fruit etc. If eating is too much at the moment, have you thought about fruit smoothies.

Food is there to help you fight diseases, keep your immune system working etc and also to keep your muscles with strebgth, if you stop eating the loss of energy will become very high hun and then life can become very tough for you.

I hope you can manage to face food, just remember if you are aware of food contents then you can choose the right things to eat.
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