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Is it?

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Its never enough

You can say sorry to people until your blue in the face and its just never enough for some...What to do? I mean nobody can erase the past, nobody can erase what was said. Ive hurt, and Ive been hurt.

Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry.

Satisfied yet?


The biggest loser ever to live.
Yes, it is unfortunately true, how just doing one bad thing can screw it up for you, it takes forever to wipe it away, takes like 10 good deeds to erase a bad one, yadayada, I know how frustrating it is. I got a letter from an elementary school yesterday saying that I couldn't work there anymore because I was playing with the kids too much as a substitute, that I was distracting them from their work as I was acting way more like a fellow peer than a mature adult. They are absolutely right about that, but I think its so fucking unfair that I can NEVER EVER EVER work there again, I mean come on, give me another fucking chance, I can change, I know what I did wrong and won't do it again, sheesh!!!! Pricks.......:dry: :dry: :dry: :dry:
Hun some people can't forgive or be forgiven. Give it time and the person will eventually come round. If they've been hurt then it may take time for them to accept that or if they feel like they've hurt you then they may not feel comfortable talking to you right now. Sometimes sorry can't heal things, give it time.
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