Is Life Supposed To Be This Depressing?

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I am tired of feeling useless. It seems as though everyone is measured by either how rich they are or how many friends they have.

If that is the measuring stick of success, then I am a total failure. My life is very disorganized, I lost a job I've had for thirteen years this summer, and all I can do is waste time and dream of the things I want or would like to do but cannot achieve.

I have used writing all my life to keep from imploding with the intense emotional pressure, but there is a kind of futility to writing without an audience to receive your words. Sort of like talking to yourself and expecting to get a reasonable, or indeed sane, response.

Thanks for letting me throw this out there on the wall.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.



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I've been/am in the same place. Being from a vein state and city, it always feels that is how success is measured. And there's always someone out there who has more. This is probably my biggest hurdle currently. Even though I have some achievements to be proud of, it always feels like I have to work ever so harder to keep up with the crowd.


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It does seem that way doesn't it? So many have no problem living and adjusting in our competitive society but some of us can't cope, I don't belong in this world in my current state.


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If a thee falls in the woods and no one is around to hear the sound .. has it really fallen... your words are now and have always been your words.. the were your before someone read them and they were yours after.. the remain unchanged... unaltered.... and the feeling you got from writing them ..and the feeling you get from throwing them out there regardless of who reads them remains the same...

and i have gotten some of my best ideas and direction talking to myself... so please continue... and please continue to post
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