Is my boss hitting on me?

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    I have only known him for a few weeks so far, but things are a bit strange. I live in Texas and have been looking for some extra work.

    The first day he complimented me on my boots and was being really nice so I thought nothing of it. He ended up hiring me right away, and asked to see me again. A few weeks go by, we had to pick up supplies and wanted to show me around the area. We went to his house to get a bunch of work supplies. On the way there, he tells me I look very flattering. Once we get there he tells me he usually never invites anyone from work to his home but he trusts me. I don't blame him because the guy has like a 6 bedroom home and is very wealthy.

    Anyways, I told him I would wait outside and he goes no it's okay, come in so I did. We started setting up the supplies and then he had to go upstairs and he says "Come here". And I'm like "I'll stay down here. I don't want to get your carpet dirty".

    So I go upstairs and chat with him awhile about the work. He notices I'm not standing very close to him at all and he starts laughing and says "Don't worry, I'm not going to take you against your will". Anyways, after that we leave for a bit and even offers to take me out to eat. We were supposed to start working like, an hour ago and he just seems very happy talking with me.

    I ended up finishing work and at the end of the night, he was talking about himself saying not much goes on at his house, except for in the bedroom and he's like ok ok, just joking and was laughing alot, trying to get me to laugh too. I don't know if he is just goofing around and all. He's constantly trying to crack jokes in front of me and he only does this with me. The other girls at his work, although some are pretty - he is very serious with.

    He's always being too nice to me, trying to give me extra money even though I get paid in a week or so. I always decline the money. The guy is like in his 40's or somewhere there and I'm in my late twenties.

    I'm a very reserved, quiet girl who is married and love my husband dearly. However, I have drifted away from my husband because he just comes in and never says hi to me after working all day. My husband is shy and just never likes talking with me. I decided to just work all day as well since he wants to be that way. Don't get me wrong - I would never would do anything to hurt him. My boss already know's I'm married so what is going on here?
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    oh dear!

    sounds like he's after a bit of uncomplicated on the side action :unsure:

    having walked into many a similar situation (and handled it badly cos I didnt see it coming) I'd suggest not being alone with this guy.
    dont go to his home and definetly dont take any money from him, other than that which you've earned.
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    Yeah I agree with Terry. Try and edge your way back to working and doing your job if he starts pulling you away from it. If you need an excuse, one could be that it sets a bad work ethic if youre getting breaks and the others arent. ect
    But yeah, the house visits? Idk. Use your own head to judge that one, but I'd steer clear. It ain't an option and at the end of it, he's your boss.
    What a crap situation, :( Sorry youre enduring it. Hope things start to pick up between you and your husband.