Is my friend actually a BULLY??!!!

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    My "friend" has been changing a lot recently. She won't message me back when i have a problem and only phones when she has one. She is blunt and sometimes abusive and I am THIS CLOSE to ruining her fucking life out of vengeance for all the misery she has caused me over the years.

    Why am I so angry at you Scarlett???

    You're never there for me, you're rude to me, you're condescending, abusive and backstabbing, you would rop your knickers for anybody no matter how much I liked them! You stand me up in the fucking street where I could get mugged!

    The text you sent me was the very last straw.

    I asked what time you were going to be at the pub you didn't phone back.

    I then texted. Nothing.

    I messaged you on facebook you manage to message everyone back other than me so forgive my fucking doubts about your honesty when you say your sister had your phone. I simply texted back:

    "I'm not being funny but I did messge you on facebook etc"

    WHAT Snotty reply do I get back the next day:

    "One thing...don't EVER give me attitude like that again ok?"

    You cannot be fucking serious.

    After you blew me out because some girl was going who I don't get on with.

    What do you want me to say that that you want a fucking apology???!!! For WHAT??? Just because I'm not listening to you blab on about your latest pregnancy scare or your latest shag buddy. WHAT attitude?! Does anybody reading this think I'm in the wrong because I'm pretty fucking sure I'm not!

    I'm warning you Scarlett. I AM WARNING YOU. I'm not intimdated by you and I know enough about you to ruin your fucking life.

    The way you go on and on about what whores you're surrounded by when you're on your way to the abortion clinc nobody knows you visit when you were fucking someone only I know about because I'm your "only trustworthy friend" you had better be fucking careful around me from now on, as I know all of your sordid and downright foul weekend details. The men you sleep with, some of them under the legal age, the drugs you abuse your body with, the casual abortion you had...I tried so long to believe that you would change but you're just another messed up slut who takes out her problems on anybody kind enough to look past her frankly filthy reputation!

    Your reputation....OH THEY DON'T KNOW THE HALF OF IT!!!!!!!

    I didn't judge you as I avoid judging people.

    I can't stop others doing that though, if you anger me enough to let people know that you are EVEN MORE OF A FUCKING WHORE THAN THEY ALREADY KNOW!!!!

    If you so much as ANNOY me you will never be able to show your coked-out face around here ever again. Then we'll see who has a fucking attitude problem!
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  2. Sorry - didn't read the whole thing...half way through I pretty much concluded you need this person in your life like anyone needs another hangnail.

    And unless being a Drama Queen rawks your universe (we all get sucked in sometimes) - ignore them, ignore them, ignore them. Burn the bridge. Do NOT engage them, do NOT text back, do NOT argue, do NOT even bother to explain. Simply let the next sorry soul cope with them if they so choose. There's plenty enough crap in life without assholes - we don't get to choose our family...but we DO get to choose friends... YAY! :smile:
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    Pixie!! :hug: i dont think your in the wrong about feeling that way about your friend if she is treating you like shit.I think you should probably bring it up with her on why shes been acting like this.But i think going and telling everyone all those things about her might be a little low of you.and you should take the high road
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    Hey Earn, how's it goin?

    I agree that I shouldn't blab what she's really like as I suppose she must be very mixed up to be like that...I'm just so damn angry about her trying to bully me into an apology for absoultely nothing!

    Maybe the silent treatment is the key?

    *breathes* I'm calm now...
  5. CAD

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    I should think cutting her off completely would be the best choice. But from the sound of it, you have (for whatever reason) endured her for too long, and you seem to enjoy the drama, so I doubt you will do anything about it. If this response sounds callous, it is only because I have seen many similar scenarios and too many doormats convinced in their subordination to be following a moral high-ground.
  6. A_pixie

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    I suppose because I'm messed up in some ways I try to understand people, she's been through a lot etc.

    There's only so much sympathy you can give though...

    Why would I like drama I just want a mutual friendship!

    Well, as you see from my above reply to someone else CAD I've deleted her number etc to be honest I just don't want to speak to her again :S