Is my rage running away with my head??? I mgiht actually do this!

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    ...Im tempted to ruin someone's wedding day who screwed me over a few years ago!

    My ex who I was with for 3 years ran off with my friend's lil sister on my fucking BIRTHDAY! Now they're getting married a few years later, she got pregnant to trap him, and as soon as he agreed to set the wedding up she had an abortion as she was too young to have a kid apparnetly....but not too young to trap this poor bastard in marriage!

    Anyway, my ex thinks she had a miscarriage, he was very much looking forward to having kids and the only reason I know she had an abortion is because I was told by his friend who SHE told when she was drunk....but as she had blackmail on said friend he can't warn the groom to be!

    This sounds like a freaky soap opera doesn't it?

    Anyway, they're getting married in a Catholic Church, where all of the above is very much prohibited!

    I'm not sure whether to blow the whistle on them by calling the priest, spray paint SHAM across the church door a few hours before etc....I'm thinking of doing a lot worse things but I don't want anyone on here thinking I'm psychotic.

    I even had a dream about gunning everyone in the church down!

    Anyone got any advice it just all seems so tempting! These peopel ruined my life and are still trying to stop people associating with me out of guilt for what they did, so they're trying to make me the bad guy!

    I need advice.
  2. A_pixie

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    Anyone? :S
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    First of all, I obviously don't know ALL of your thoughts or plans. But I hope you don't hurt anyone.

    I don't know what I'd do in that situation. Yeah, you could easily call the priest. But I'm not sure that would accomplish anything. All you have to go on is what someone said when they were drunk ... no actual proof. I'm not even sure you'd be taken seriously.

    Are you friends with anyone who is close to the husband-to-be, but NOT the bride?