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Is pain the only motivation?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by simian_uprising, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. simian_uprising

    simian_uprising New Member

    Like many others here I have plenty of reasons to spill my brain all over the wall but its the pointless monotony of life that really scares the hell out of me. Even if the happiness fairy came to me, swung her magic wand, & fixed every bit of crap in my life I still do not want to live. Really, whats the point? Why would I want to live & look forward to working, sleeping, & eating the rest of my life? Sure I could find someone to spend the rest of my life with only to grow bored & tired of them. I refuse to procreate. I my mind the cruelest thing anyone could to do is put another human being into the day to day moving of life. Go paint a picture, throw a ball around, write a poem or run a business but when it really comes down to it .. what is the damn point? I don't know maybe all of this sounds a bit cliche I just do not know how to put what I feel into words. I feel so horrible reading what everyone has posted on this website, reading how they struggle all the time-everyday-and for what? We all like to think we are snowflakes no two alike but we all want the same things. Each of us are one out of 6.5billion. One less is not going to make a difference.
  2. RedTears

    RedTears Well-Known Member

    the thing is, life isn't pointless. We weren't created to just be, though at times it does feel like that. No, we were created especially in the likeness of God, and the reason we are here is to glorify God and share the truth about Him to others. THe truth is this: Jesus Christ came to this earth and became man and died on the cross for our sins so we could live eternally with Him. Then He rose again to defeat death. He did this all because He loves us so much.

    Because of Him, we have meaning and purpose. We have freedom through Him, and we are to share this message of freedom with everyone we meet.
  3. ASolitaryBlue

    ASolitaryBlue Well-Known Member

    this may be true for you, but for those of us who don't necessarily believe in god your words are no help. sorry red tears. i was raised catholic, but am agnostic. seriously, we have no proof there is a god, and the possibility that maybe there is isnt enough to keep me going.

    simian, i understand what you're saying. monotony can take the joy out of life. i guess if we ever get there and reach happiness, we will have to keep finding ways to renew it and break the routine of our lives.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I think if you can find purpose for your being it would help you. Helping others caring finding something that brings joy to you a smile. I understand not bringing more life here but if we can give something to the ones already here then our life will not be for nothing It would be to help others not suffer so much. then when it is our turn to leave at least we had purpose. i hope i made sense take care
  5. RedTears

    RedTears Well-Known Member

    Lee Strobel was an atheist who set out to disprove Christianity, and instead it disproved all his beliefs. He's a Christian (follower of Christ), and in his book "The Case for a Creator," all his research points to the reality and existence of a God.
  6. simian_uprising

    simian_uprising New Member

    Well Stroble is not the best example to cite. From many sources (I tried to read the book but couldn't bare to finish it) I have heard the same thing; bias.I found the best way to completely sum up why & it is from wiki:

    Also check out this website.

    Besides-not to offend anyone especially tears-what is the difference between using herion or xanax to make it through your day as opposed to religion? Are they not both crutches? Have a bad day? Bang a nice dose of H. Upset? Pop a few xanys. Frustrated & depressed? Pray.

    Its all the same. Both are coping mechanisms only religion is the more harmful of the two.
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