Is she still out there?

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    Erm I don't know whether to be talking in the past or present tense, I don't know if this is the right place to even post this, but I do know I've lost a close loved one.

    Someone so veryyy close to me was feeling suicidal. She's my cousin and my bestfriend and was the only one I could really talk to about anything that would trouble me. She was also going through a difficult time and sadly did something horrible to herself. Fortunately she had survived this! A year later, the damage lead her into a coma for weeks! Fortunately she had survived this also!

    ..but a year after that her troubles still followed, she was abducted, drugged and r***d by people who possibly knew her and were jealous or by strangers. On the day of my birthday she was last known to be outside declaring she couldn't handle it anymore and will take her life! But it is unsure that she followed through with this :(

    I don't know where she is !! Is she dead? Is she safe? Or out there in the open world suffering?

    She is an amazing young girl and full of joy with a warm heart! She is super likeable and has a great sense of humour! She is really clever and she simply brightens up the room with her presence alone. We made plans to get together and go on holiday, she's the adventurous type and always tried to enjoy life. :)

    Although she was suffering inside, she always had the biggest smile on the outside! She just doesn't deserve to suffer at all! :( not knowing is the hardest part! I wish I could have helped her :(

    She actually saves me and keeps me going, knowing what has happened makes me think twice about taking my own life and that I shouldn't do it! If only I could save her too! I'm sorry sis!

    I Love You CR .. I truly hope your safe <3
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    I am sorry you are unsure about your cousins saftey Is there no way to can get a hold of her family to find out about her. Sometimes people have to go into hosptial for months at a time Lets hope this is w here she is getting the help she needs
  3. sweetwhisper

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    I've been in touch with her family but no one knows her whereabouts or anything more :( not even her friends, the public, hospitals, the police :( Is was possible that she was even taken to another country and passed away as a small note was found, but it doesn't make much sense! I just hope she's safe and not suffering. Thank you.
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    she's out there. she's not dead.
  5. sweetwhisper

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    I reallyyy hope so :distress: