Is she the "One"...

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    Some back story before i get into everything.

    I was 17, she was 14 (The age thing dosn't matter anymore due to me being 20 and her coming up to 17).

    We met on omegle of all things, since we had both been having a bad day an none of us where looking for the normal things that you go one omegle for, we started talking about how our day had been, turns our hers was going as bad as mine, once we get close and notice that we are getting on very well she asks for my skype, i was shocked that she asked, being a nice guy i said yes (Making sure she knew that it was on a friend basis only.)

    Fast forward a year and we have a massive argument, we stop talking for another year.

    After i had a massive melt down and was in a deep depression i decide that i miss what we had and message her, fully ready for hear to say "No, i don't want to talk to you", she replies straight back and says "Sure, i've missed you", we go back to being friends, talking every day and such. fast forwards a year and a couple of months bringing us to jan 21st(I recall this day very well) we are sitting on skype and she mentioned that she will be in my town the following weekend (At this point we have never met for real and we are online only) i suggest that we meet up and hang out for a little bit (She is 16 at this point) she agrees and we go watch a movie and have some lunch.

    The week after we first met we decide to turn this friendship into a relationship.

    I since being with her have been alot happier and it has changed my opinion on everything i do and everyone i speak to... She makes me feel like i'm worth something and just knowing that someone loves me for me and not what i look like is the best feeling in the world, we didn't exchange pictures for 2 years and i feel that's how we bonded so much.

    I have been getting down the past couple of days as she seems really busy (She has GCSE's coming up and i understand that) it seems like she dosn't really have time for me right now.

    After thinking about this for some time i have come to the understanding that i am quite lonely.. (I might have to put my own application up in the buddy forum)

    So i put it to you SF, What do you think about this ? Have i made the right choice ? Do i need to keep myself busy to avoid the lonelyness that has become my life ?

    Thank you for reading and stay safe everyone. =)

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    Whether or not she is "the one" I am not qualified to answer. If she makes you happy and being with her is better than being without her, then the relationship is worth investing some time and energy into in my opinion.

    That said, I would say that yes you do need to find other ways to keep busy. You should have interests, friends, hobbies etc outside of her (as she should outside of you) not only for both your sanity but, honestly, to enrich the relationship. If you are fulfilled outside of your relationship you will not feel as down when things in her life mean she is not as available to you, and if you are happier within yourself you will be better situated to also make her happy.

    I suggest looking up clubs and groups in your area for things you like to do, and go along. If you are studying, engage with the people in your classes - if you are working, do the same at work. (If you are neither studying nor working one or the other - or both - of these would be a good first step).

    Good luck and stay safe :hug: