Is suicide a sin?

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I dont know where to post this, but do you think it is?

I think it is and isnt.
Because you are taking your own life, and basically its like killing someone else, and thats in the 10 commandments...

Because it is your life, and you choose what happens, God loves you, you are Gods child, but God forgives.. and if you took your own life, he would forgive surely?

Whats your opinion on this? :blink:

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I agree with you, I wouldn't class suicide as a sin. If you feel unhappy within yourself, then I believe YOU have a right to decide whether or not you want to live. People are quick enough to forbid suicide but they don't understand that to some people it's like an escape route.
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Well, yeah, but suicide isn't the only answer. You could take counselling and try and get over it, and if you do ever commit suicide it could really affect people around you, especially those who love you.
Some people are unsure whether to believe in God, myself for example, so committing suicide wouldn't be a sin against him, but there are different point of views about that.
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ex christian and I can answer your question. Yes it is a sin in the bible. do you go to hell forever because of it ? no. you believe jesus died for our sins and that if you believe in him you go to heaven or what/ever im guessing . So then you have nothing to worry about. Its not like every one goes to hell if they sined before they die. The only unforgiveable sin is basphemy against the holy spirit and I have no idea what that means. this is what the bible says, it contradicts itself alot tho.


I don't believe in God anymore but it's really hard to say. I mean how can a carring, compationate, loving God blame you for not wanting to live through all the shit hes making you go through? But then again if you sin if you are sorry for it then it doesn't really matter to God. I donno I've always thought that God would be able to understand I guess...
I guess it depends on your own religion. If you are a Christian then I think you're more likely to think of suicide as a sin, than someone who doesn't believe in a certain religion, atheist. I'm not religious, but I don't think suicide is "right", meaning, I certainately don't encourage it because ending your own life is an extreme act and it's sad when people feel they are stuck in such a tight corner they feel their only way to get out of it is to end their life when there are many people out there who have been on the edge of suicide, or even attempted and lived, and now they are glad they didn't take their own life. I guess I'm being a bit of a hypercrite here because every single day I dream about ending my own life but when you have depression, it is difficult to control the urges and feelings. I'm going off track here I know, sorry. But basically I don't believe it's a "sin", as such, but I do believe suicide is an extreme act.


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I don't think it is a sin. If you judge suicide as a sin then you further torment people that are already going through a living hell. The only way out that they may see is made more difficult for them, through stigma and predjudice. As a person who believes I think I see suicide as an option given to me to end suffering when I judge it to be too much for me to bear.


what you and me consider to be 'sinful' is not necessarily 'sinful' to another.'

Just another ethos trap


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I'm a christian and I think suicide is a sin, because it's a murder. But it doesn't mean that I've never thought about suicide. I thought many times...
But I believe in God and I believe He loves EVERYONE. Me and you and ALL people. He does many amazing things in my life and I live for Him. And of course it doesn't mean that I'm ideal. I'm sinless, I know. But I still believe that Jesus loves me and has forgiveness for all my sins if I ask for it.
I believe in His love.


odysius' mother killed herself because she couldnt deal with the torment while waiting for her son to return. Later, odysius meets her in the river of flame.
So acording to greek lore..yes it is.

however, it seems like sin only aplies to those who believe in the concept of sin.


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The Bible says suicide is a sin but it also says that God forgives those who have sinned.

It also says that masturbation is a sin but most people do it anyway.
I remember my RE (religious education) teacher telling us one day about mortal sin.... apparently most things seem to be one, and to commit one meant you were going down :diablo: So that I thought "stuff it"... by her accounting I'm done for anyway so might as well go my length!
However, the Catholic church is much more compassionate about suicide now and I doubt you'd see anywhere them condemning someone who had committed suicide.


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cyesisdemorte said:
what you and me consider to be 'sinful' is not necessarily 'sinful' to another.'

Exactly my thoughts. :smile:

Who is to define what is "sinful" for each and every person? God? I'm not, nor ever have been, a Christian although I both respect and accept that others are. Just as I'd hope for their respect and acceptance. I believe us all to be equal, for us all to take our own actions, to make our own decisions and choices...and to accept the consequences. I disagree wholeheartedly that suicide is a choice. However, there are still consequences which must be taken on board ~ after all, and as has already been mentioned, suicide does not solely affect one person.

I can only speak for myself when I say that no, suicide is not a sin.
Among other things, it is a measure to cope. Or a measure for when pain exeeds measures to cope. How can "coping" become a sin?



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This is a very difficult question for which I have no answer. I'll have to ask my Maker when I meet Him - and I'm trying not to meet Him any sooner than my scheduled departure date, which I believe was determined before I was even born.

I must respectfully disagree with the post/opinion about God understanding if we can't deal with the situation(s) He puts us in... I believe that we are born with intelligence and free will, and that the path(s) we take in life are a matter of choice - ours or someone else's - and that we can choose (within limits) which path we want to be on... tho my belief doesn't have any explanation for why so many are born into poverty or otherwise bad circumstances. Another question for my Maker someday...

"If I had to choose between Pain and Nothing, I would always choose Pain." (William Faulkner) Not because I like pain, but because if I'm feeling pain, or anything, it means I'm still living! And I, like Nature, abhor a vacuum...

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