Is suicide EVER justified ?

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  1. I hope this topic isn't pushing the bounds of propriety but my personal view is that yes for some people, based upon their specific circumstances, suicide is sometimes an acceptable course of action.
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Yes..when the quality of life is so poor then I would say suicide is permissible. Look at the poor souls who suffer from motor neurone diseases and have nothing but an undignified death to look forward to. Or those with cancer that is untreatable and every moment is agony.

    Knew a schizophrenic once who took his own life. Everyone who knew him felt that for him (his life was hellish) it was the right decision even tho we were deeply saddened by his passing.
  3. Yes, I have always considered chronic mental anguish, if it is unresponsive to therapy, to be a legitimate reason. IMHO too many people are dismissive of those of us who suffer merely from psychlogical problems.
  4. raw

    raw Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    I thought about this question for some time. I still can't come up with an answer I feel comfortable. But fortunately it isn't my place to judge what people do. Only God can do that.

  5. People are free to express any point of view on this thread....... but I prefer to avoid theological discussions.
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  6. reborn1961

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    You asked a question and you will get all types of responses, theological as well. If you don't want people to honestly answer you thread, then don't post. As long as all post and discuss without jumping on each other then all should be fine.

    As to your question, taking ones life is a personal decision. If you feel that is the right choice than fine. If you feel it is not, that is fine too. The key is I am not going to judge you for your decision. If I should feel suicide is not right in a mental health situation that applys to me and me alone. I have no right to tell someone esle "don't do it". All I can do is hopefully be an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on no matter what decision is made.

    PS: Nice post Prozac, it makes one think. :smile:
  7. I obviously left the door open for anyone to leave whatever type of comment they wanted to.....didn't I ? I stated that any one can say whatever pleases them.....didn't I ?

    As far as not "jumping on each other" who are you to tell me ? So far I've avoided "jumping" on you even though most of your responses leave me in a f**king killing rage !!! I don't like being lectured to by some smug, self-righteous "born again" jack-ass.

    How's that for an honest answer ?
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  8. Abacus21

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    Please guys, lets calm it down a bit, alright?


  9. This is exactly why I wanted to avoid bringing in a theological perspective.
    It is nothing more that a waste of time and emotion.

    Hint: in the future, don't provoke me. I will not show respect to someone who talks down to me.
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  10. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Please don't insult other members.

    You posted this thread, you asked for opinions. If you don't want people to give their opinions, then don't post.

    Don't insult them, just because you don't agree with what they're saying.


  11. Dear Abacus21 what exactly are you afraid of ? What's the worst that could happen, reborn1961 logs back onto this thread and calls me a jack-ass ? I believe peace and tranquility will be better served if moderators would not try equate the expressing of disapproval and yes, even anger, with the seriousness of a bar-room brawl.
  12. MrDepressed

    MrDepressed Guest

    to get back on topic... yeah I think in certain instances suicide is an acceptable means to an end... I believe and support euthanasia for chronic painfull illness of both the mind and body.
  13. Thank you. I have had enough primal emotion for one day.
  14. bunny

    bunny Staff Alumni

    This is to be the final off topic post of this thread, i dont even want replies saying "ok bunny" and esspecially not "f' off bunny" if there are any ill delete these responces so theres really no point in you taking the time to write them

    Prozac, if Reborn were to log back in to call you a jack-ass she would be flaming you as you have her, this is very much against the rules and any more from you will not be tolerated. Another rule you may want to look up is the dont argue with the mods decisions rule, if someone has told you not to insult other members you do not question them, we are only here to look out for the members of the forum

    now this thread can go back to where it should be, to the topic you started, and in future if you "disapprove" with a responce or one even makes you angry remember, you do not have the right to express these feelings as you please here, try to control youself or you'll find youself under moderation

  15. lymeinside

    lymeinside Well-Known Member

    Suicide can be justified. My friend's grandfather had lived a great life, had a wonderful family, and ended up 80 years old and in great physical pain every day. He ended up taking his whole life, and all of his children and grandchildren understood. They didn't feel sad or sorry because of it. He had lived his life and had nothing to look forward to except misery and suffering.
  16. Well, this topic thread is obvious to me. I am dying from a severe nerve disease which is paralysing to me in many ways, so, yes, I believe that in my situation, suicide is justified. I almost cannot walk and my breathing is very shallow. I sometimes lose the ability to breathe long enough that I almost pass out. Eventually, I will die from these respiratory complications, so for me, in my method of suicide which I will not discuss here, I will die peacefully.
  17. music_addict

    music_addict Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i think suicide is definetely justifed in some cases. People who are in great physical, permanent pain should not be forced to endure it if they truly desire not to. Its not like they have much to look forward to except dying a slow miserable death.
    Now, people in great mental pain is a lot more blurry. I think it is justified in SOME cases. Like my situation, for example, would be justified (at least, in my opinion). Because, a lot of my mental problems are pretty much permanent. But, the people that kill themselves just because someone broke up with them (or something else along those lines); well, that seems kind of pointless. That kind of pain will eventually pass.
    anyway, thats my two cents.
  18. thecleric

    thecleric Guest

    Wow, PDW, what a Molotov cocktail you've thrown here!

    I'd like a bit more specificity from you. Exactly what do you mean by 'justified'? You use the similie 'acceptable.' Both of these suggest a moral judgement--i.e., you're asking if suicide can be morally right.

    Moral judgements should be applicable to everyone, and should be subject to logical analysis from specific first principles.

    Your broadside is way too squishy. 'Sometimes?' 'Specific circumstances?' Come on. Spell out why and why not.

    Sounds like you agree that the vast majority of suicides are evil acts. But why?

    As for me--

    1. Suicide is a form of murder.
    2. Don't expect me to endorse it.
    3. But I've lived this way long enough to respect what it can do to a person.
    4. So in a life full of sins, this is yet another one that tempts me.
  19. Raven

    Raven Guest

    There is no justifications and their needs to be none, it is up to the individual in the end and the choice is theirs alone. They do not have to justify it and why should they? There is no criteria out their that if A and B are meet then you should end your life, you have to make that choice and I cannot and will not pass judgment on a person, they have justified it to themselves and that is enough. If someone asks for help I will do all that I can to help them survive the occasions and I will counsel them against such acts as unfortunately it is a rather a permanent solution.

    I hope this is clear, if not I will try to elaborate on it more.
  20. Steel Tears

    Steel Tears Member

    No... It never is, regardless of the Circumstances... Even chronic mental disorders

    Why kill yourself, when whats happening to you can be researched and perhapes cured for future generations? 's what i am doing with 4 different kinds of depression. and people call me Selfish!
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