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Is suicide my only option?

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cutting is making me feel stupid. why not just end my life?
it'll be better; no more pain or stress or tears or hurt.
</3 i'm broken..i'm worn out.

i'm just tired..i want to die.
i want my last breath to be taken from my body,
leaving me empty, a soul-less shell...

i won't be missed....i'm just anther statistic, another
suicidal teen....i wan t to kill myself.............


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I hope you reach out to others in real life if you don't feel safe; maybe calling a suicide hotline or crisis phone number (or perhaps the hospital) would be helpful. I just wanted to leave you a message before I have to go. :hug: Take care and stay safe....Alex


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Suicide isn't your only option. There is never an only option. Have you tried talking to anyone or occupying your mind with stuff you enjoy doing? If you ever wanna talk, feel free to message me. I'm a 16 year old self harming teen so I know how you feel. I know I shouldn't be giving much advice since I'm not in a good stage myself but just letting you know suicide isn't the only option.


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Hi Brenda...what is going on that has made you feel so awful? Please share with us so we can be there for you...sorry you are feeling this way
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