Is that too much to ask???

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  1. I've got a crappy job, i'm alone in life, no family except for my mother but we don't ge along. I had the worst situation in the world happen to me with this girl who basically got upset with me for no reason and probably spread lies to everyone at my former college about me. No one wants to talk to me. The more and more I see it, people just aren't good, at all. People call their friends by cruel names just for fun. Violent movies and video games, I watch them and play them. But in a twisted way, that kind of gives praise to murder. People just don't like "kindness or goodness". People just don't like eachother. All i ever wanted out of life was to fall in love and meet someone and have a family. Because I have no family, I was always alone. I see people struggle everyday and it hurts me and I wanted to help people, and maybe change the world. And I worked hard not to get upset or be hateful towards others, I try to be merciful to people and empathise with them. But you know what, If I was hateful towards people, I would not be in this situation. It's my own kindness that got me where I am at today. People don't want to connect with others, they want to disconnect with others, and use them and then leave them alone. I'm running away in a week, from my job, from my mom, from everything.

    If there are no good people left in this world, I will not be a part of it. I don't ask for much. My mom and I struggled when we moved down south. I could not find a job for the longest, all I wanted to do was take this girl out on a very nice date. It was to this really nice place. But she ends up betraying me for pretty much doing nothing at all. My other so called friends won't help me. All I want to be able to do is move on from her, so I ask an old classmate on facebook if they can just give my number to one of their mutual friends. This person has not responded to me on facebook, I know they got my message because they changed their picture. We have no one down here at all. So me, a kind guy, a good hearted person, can't even get to move on from someone. Is that too much to ask of someone? Do Miracles not happen, your telling me a bunch of people can go to church to praise some God who sent his son to die for them and go on about love and goodness and family, and this one person can't do this tiny little favor to help me. I'm devastated, do I not deserve to be happy?? Really, after everything I do. And some rich drug using, law breaking asshole kid can get a free car from his parents at 15 and get all the girls, while my family and I struggle and suffer for things we did not even cause, and can barely pay the bills. Well that's bullshit!!
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    I truly understand feeling how unfair life is...I hope you find people to share does make things seem easier...J
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    There are good people in this world hun i hope you come incontact with some I know there are alot of kind people here who care hugs to you