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Is their only weak and strong??


Jay Jay from the UK
Staff Alumni
Is there only weak or strong?

Can we not be whatever both of these things are and have a grey outlook rather than black and white?

From what I see, kind people do not put a label onto people who are struggling, they help them find a solution.

From what I see with unkind people is that they appear to have to be strong and that others are therefore weak.

How we perceive weak and string is defined by our version of the world and what has happened to us and so will be very different anyway.

Is there really a requirement to call someone weak or to try and support them to find what they are required to do?

It's my belief that people pointing out weakness are looking at themselves.


Love Cats Love All
SF Supporter
I believe you are correct. Generally what people accuse others of doing, they are doing also. But life can be a balance. That balance can be and is achieved by many.

Balance is the key to peace, and balance is achieved by seeking the greater reality — the reality of Spiritual Love. Acknowledge that good, and bad things are likely to happen, know that this is just part of the learning process of physical life. Be assured and safe in the knowledge that when the physical is over we will return to our spiritual home. Love

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