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Is there a correlation between violent video games and aggression?


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I didn't get to pick the topic; the instructor picked it. But as humans, we take part in both...something that no other species does (indiscriminate violence for the sheer satisfaction of it), which is kind of fucked up when you think about it.
Totally fucked up and completely detached from the theories of evolution as outlined by Darwin.


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I think there is a correlation, but not the one people think.

1) It provides an outlet for aggression, in this way it is a good thing, it allows you to vent your anger in powerful cathartic ways you otherwise wouldn't be able to do legally.

2) It programs mindsets. I was playing GTA 5 a lot for a while and I remember walking home one day from work and seeing a car I liked stuck in traffic and my FIRST thought, my first impulse was to walk over, drag the driver out and drive home like I would in the game. Obviously I made a mental double-take and shook off the absurd thought, but that's just because I am not a thief, if I were, the game would have given me ideas. In this way, violent games don't MAKE criminals and violent people, but it normalises the thought patterns that lead to those actions, and if you are already inclined towards that behaviour, it provides an extra push.


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If anything, it would sooner help *most* aggressive people to release their frustration in-game, and be done with it.

Of course there are bad eggs everywhere, though: People can literally kill you 'because of a book they read'. This is a minority however, and they likely spend too much time engaging in violent fantasies and have not much outside of that. Also, yes, they very likely have more life based and psychologically based issues, but it's probably not a 'one box fits all' sort of deal.

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