Is there a heaven for me

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by kindred374, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. kindred374

    kindred374 New Member

    Hi I really dont do this type of thing, but i thought it would be good to at least spill my feeling and story, just in case i trully decide to do what , well here go9es. I turn 40 tommorow and to be honest i havnet done nothing of great importace with my life, or to say i dont have anything important worth to continue on withl. I have 25% paralize due to a tumor in my back crushing my spinal cord and will be fully paralayed from the waist downsoon, Pain i a dialy friendemey of mine. I am on alot of pain meds just to be at the edge of pain agian. my wife has seemed to disconect from me and or marraige is in limbo, i love her but she shows no emotions back, and the sex life, lol. my two sons say 2 words to me a day hi and no. and all i do is sit in a chiar all day on the pc trying to find a reason to continue. so far none and dont say my kids need me. so i ask is there a heaven for me.
  2. total eclipse

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    why not say your kids need you The need to talk to a father like any other children do you do not have to be mobile to connect with your children Listen to them when they do need you they will come
  3. sweetles

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    is there a heaven for you? personally i don't believe there's a heaven for anyone, don't think there's any such thing, just cult/fantasy bullcrap people force themselves to believe to bring some kind of comfort. isn't it enough to just NOT be in the place you are right now? even if "the other side" is just a state of gray nothingness, isn't that better than the endless pain, suffering, regret, hopelessness, weariness, etc. that we experience in life?

    anywho, wish i were able to be your surrogate, yours is the kind of situation/story that used to move me the most.
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