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Is there a name for this?

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Basically, i've been having this "problem" for ages, but it's been very hard to describe.

The thing is, that my mind and emotions constantly change.

For example: This morning i was thinking about how high my self esteem has become, how i can finaly respect myself and accept myself etc... Few hourst ago, i realised that i actually have low self esteem and that i dislike myself.
This has happened millions of the times, one day i consider my self esteem as high, the other as low, next day as moderate etc...

Another example:

I was playing violin today and i thought my playing sucks, that i need to practice more and that i play really average... one week ago, when i performed infront of few friends, i felt like i would be the best violinist on the world...

The problem is, that things like this happen daily, all the time. The consequence is that i'm totally confused and dont know who i really am and what i want because of it...

Is there a name for this? What actually is my real problem that causes me to think and feel like that? Because the same things is with emotions... one moment i feel like i really love a friend of mine and the next moment i feel like he i like her or him, but he or she has many mistakes and we're not that good friends really....

EDIT: Another example... Few weeks ago i met someone, who showed many symptoms disorder x (i dont feel like talking details)... as i was reading some articles, i was 100% sure that he has it. Next morning i realised that this person actually doesnt with criteria for that disorder that much... all this stuff is making my life so confusing...
Have you spoken to a doctor about this? it sounds a lot like bi-polar, extreme erratic ups and downs in your emotional and mental well being.
If this is the case please dont dispare as there are different types of treatment.
I am not a doctor though and cannot say for sure what it is, just what it sounds like. there are many different things it could be, some caused by hormone problems, others by depression.
If you do go see a doc please keep us updated! would really like to know how you have got on xx Amy

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hun it could be many reasons why your emotions are so erractic time to go to your doctor a pdoc okay so many diagnosis out there a professional will help you the best get you the right treatment hugs


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I agree with TE..please consult your MD and elliminate anything medical...after that, other situations can be considered...biofeedback, relaxation, etc. might be helpful in the meantime to help you to feel more 'centered'...J


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Thanks for answers. I don't think it's likely i have bipolar disorder. My energy level is always low...
I will consider the option to seek professional help. But the again, i'm unsure. I've been thinking about it for a while.
Wow, that sounds kind of similar to what goes through my mind...I'm at a stage right now where I have a rough idea with what disorders I have (Atypical Depression and Social Anxiety disorder) but there is something with my thought patterns and the fast switching of opinion..pm me if you'd like to talk.

Best of Luck, I hope you find some answers..
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