Is There A Point In All Of This

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    Life I mean?

    There are billions of our dead buried in our Earth. Dating all the way back to the beginning of human history.

    Yet..I think at times we like to think we are immortal. People in my office have been arguing whether an old corrupt politician should be left out of prison early in order to see his dying wife.

    He's 84 years old. He will be dead one day, soon enough. At some point we all will be.

    If one thing history shows us, we all die.

    So we hurry in our cars to go to and from work. We work ourselves to the grave in order to make money to buy things. Even the richest man in the world wont be able to take his posessions with him, when he dies.

    So we try and make our lives more fullfilling. We love others. Love becomes entangled, love sometimes brings betrayal and loss. I am still grieving for a lossed love I once knew.

    We try to fullfill our lives with things that will make us happy. Overeating, drinking, smoking, drugs, sex etc...all of those things actually can bring us closer to our demise.

    We try to fullfill our lives with faith only to find that we are ridiculed by those who have no faith. And yet the faithful and non believers will also all die.

    As I sit typing this, suffering from a recent loss: sickness, both physical and mental; and some big time issues that are creeping up, I wonder, is there a point in all of this, really?
  2. total eclipse

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    You see realisticly yes we all die but it is what we do with our lives well we are here that has meaning that has a point to it all.
    Why live here and not reach out to others I truly believe living is what you make it to be even with all it tragedies and dissappointments you can still have purpose
    I hope when i do leave this earth i want to leave in peace not turmoil i am rambling now pete i see what you are saying but life does having meaning and it has purpose if you make it so hugs
  3. doityourself

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    The purpose of life is to create offsprings, to create memories, to create lives.

    The purpose has gotten lost in this world to me, I wish I was here to see just the purpose of living back when thats all there was.
  4. total eclipse

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    It can be more it can be reaching out to others who do not have anyone It can be as simple as bringing someone a meal who is unable to cook it themselve Life is not about one thing or another life is about being a person of compassion and that means compassion to self as well. I hope your sadness leaves you soon pete i do because then your heart will see there is more. Hugs
  5. fallingangie

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    I think the purpose of life is to experience something that we will never have once we die. God is giving us the chance to live something totally different from what we all will be living in the next life ( that is after death). This beautiful opportunity is given only to help us become more famililar with feelings ... the ability to feel is great...