Is there a point?

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  1. Is there a point to life? Cuz seriously if there is, then I must be blind, because I can't seem to find it.

    I have lost many things and people in my life, but right now I think I've lost one of the few people who kept me going, without even knowing that they did so much for me. I love her with all my heart, despite everything that's been going on in our environment and between us. I haven't seen her in months, but I love her so feckin much. Why is she this angry and upset with me? I mean, I can understand why, but why can't she see it's not like I wanted things to go this way either.

    If you lose the few things you've got left, after having already lost the most precious things in your life, then what's the point of continuing, rather than going to them, joining them in whatever comes after this life?

    There is no point. Not to me at least. I'm sorry.
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    I'm around..:hug:
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    So am I :hug:
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    There is a point. And it is to cause as much suffering unto others as possible to releive some of your own pain, and make the whole god damn world aware of your crisis. By god if they wont do anything at all to help despite all the signs and the symptoms you then let them suffer by you.
    sometimes, a lot of the times peoples depression and suicidal tendancies are from causes not related to rape, aggrivation, bullying, ect ect. but if it is, would you let them live without the retribution they deserve?
    would you be willing to pass away today knowing that you succumbed to these other assholes harassment, while they live freely with smiles and happiness?
    i sure as shit wouldnt.
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