Is there any good in the world?

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    Just cant take people anymore, I was reading an online forum, and people were talking about how killing disabled children would benefit society. The worst thing is that some scientists and philosophers agree. I mean really you could cut cost on so much more, but no the first we need to do is kill the innocent. We are truly a horrible race, there are good people, but I think there are more bad people. There is no compassion, love, kindness - there is only cruelty and pain. I used to believe in Justice and morality, but now everything is twisted and i am confronted With the horrible truth, that life has no value and good is myth. I don't what to do, is our nature good or bad, and i don't mean by good by perfect but goddammit there to be a line somewhere - doesn't there? if we are bad then we are doomed to fail. Maybe we were made in the devils image. I hope Dostoevsky was right when he said "I have seen and I know that people can be beautiful and happy without losing the ability to live on Earth. I will not and cannot believe that evil is the normal condition of mankind."
    - Fyodor Dostoevsky
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    you only hear and see the bad in the world because it is what sells hun There is so much kindness and care in the world you see that when there is tragedy people all come together and support each other across the world they do We just do n ot hear all the good there is because good news does not sell hun it does not make money hugs toyou
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    Well.... alot of peoples lives are built on alot of bubbely foundations, and in truth they have don't take into account the hardships that others have fought for so we can live in a potentially beautiful world.

    I'd say have a little faith in yourself and the people and places that you know hold true to kindness and honesty. Most people who claim to be "able" to do horrid or destructive actions are either doing it because they are tunneling in on something they deem worth it (the ends justify the means), or they are honestly just ill informed. Sort of like someone who reads a news article and suddenly knows everything about a particular issue in the world or about a person.
    People chat shit, and the problem is when you get two people who chat shit is they create a rythm between eachother and gain energy in their bull.
    Idk.. theres lots of reasons, but it's selfishness and a lack of connection with life. An isolated mentality doesn't care so much about those outside of their groups. But it's all a facade, something they've defined in their lives. Most people who can do horrific actions fight the ability to care, have skipped parts of connection and understanding, so it never factors into their expression, or... any number of reasons.

    and lol and killing disabled children for the benifit of society. These are children who believe in a facaded society and the only way they can keep their boat afloat is to trim at areas that they don't care about. They among others have lost the point of working together for today, yesterday and ultimately tomorrow for everyone.
    Just my opinon. On our own, we aren't evil. We're just frightening in the unknown. Places we can't and don't control. Some panic and steal, kill, rape, murder, go against their word. Some create an attraction and connection with this because of the comfort they find in it. But in the beginning.. it's just them in an unknown situation. Doesn't make them evil because they can't see a better solution to the problems infront of them.

    Plus alot of people follow or are introduced to concepts, situations and extreme personal/group deliemas that they are literally not prepared for. It overwhelms some, and the ones subjecting them to it "define" the beginning and ends. Then give "options". Throwing in, kill or be killed, or similar concepts that ltierally nullify some peoples thought processes. Their comprehension gets the better of them, especially when their good will is being exploited by someone else who is afraid in their own right, or simply gains energy through manipulation of others. Or by furthering their own confused perverted agendas.

    Anyhow... just my opinon. Those give up save yourself mentalities are sometimes appropriate, but then again... I believe we strive to overcome those. Much like anything, but when you can't see or understand, sometimes people just act irregardless. And to be honest, people chat so much crap online it's unreal.

    I read something the other day. Kinda went like, "do something nice for someone and they'll forget. Do something to wrong someone and they'll never forget".

    There is alot of good in this world :) Even if in a particular moment you can't see it. Like a star still shining behind a cloud
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    Is there any good in the world?

    We each have an option to contribute to the world in either a good, or a bad way. Each time each of us become part of the contribution to the good, we reduce the bad that there is.
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    I didn't mean to sound so angry, but sometimes its hard. Some people say I'm to naive.
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    hmm I doubt they were reputable resources. It is not very popular or for that matter profitable to go around killing people. People do not value life anymore, it is what happens when you live in an immoral society. sorry you had to read through the ignorance.