Is There Any Hope?

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When i went through my worst times the people around me would say stuff like, "think positively and you'll fell better" etc etc. I thought it was a load of bullshit. Up until last week. I came across the most amazing website and then found a book written by the scientist the same week.

The book is entitled "The Secret Life of Water" by (a scientist) Masaru Emoto. Basically what he does is photographs water crystals. He applies all different thoughts and feelings onto these crystals. (He does all the scientific control stuff). Differrent feelings projected to the water made different shaped crystals grow. For eg: Happiness produces a beautiful, intricate snow flaked crystal. As does Hang In There, You're Beautiful, Innocence, Thank You (etc, etc). On the other hand, feelings such as: Hate, Power, Helplessness,You Idiot!, I Hate You And Want You To DIe! all produced shapes that were not crystals and often no crystal could form at all. It is just amazing. As i said, scientific principles were applied to these experiments. If you want further info INCLUDING PHOTOS OF THE CRYSTALS go to the site:]
Another interesting site

What it made me realize is that, if our bodies are made of approx 80% water. Perhaps our thoughts really do influence our bodies. Have a loko for yourself and see what you think.
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Hmmm positive energy negative energy...... put into making water crystals... I am wondering if I can replicate this experiment. From the little I know about crystal forming it can be unpredictable and random. BUt I do not know much about it. Like I said in order for me to believe it I would have to replicate the experiment.


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That is an interesting link lost. Positive energy can make things grow. I am not sure about the water crystals but I do know it helps the human spirit. In times of crisis we are unable to accept the positive energy we need to heal. We tend to shut it out and look only for the negatives. I am so guilty of this myself. Even though I know this to be true, I can't get myself to follow it. I hope you are able to absorb the positives and be better off for it. Take care hun and thanks so much for sharing. The crystals are beautiful. :hug:
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