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Is there any hope?

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Not just for me, but for us.
All of us.
I look around and see senior members, moderators, everyone just miserable here.
Does it ever get better?
Yes, we all have good and bad days but will it ever end?

I don't know how it is for anyone else but this place makes me even more depressed.
When I'm not on here, everyone else in the world is happy and I'm the only miserable one.
But the moment I sign on here, I see we're all hurting and it hurts me more.

Is there any hope for us?

Why Am I Here

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People will eventually leave this site thinking that they're "cured" or "fixed" that they spoke with other members for nights on end even went to their physician or Doctor got some meds maybe some time in with a therapist or consulting with friends in real life.

But every now and then, they'll look back and say to themselves "it didn't get that much better....."

We're fucked for the rest of our short, maybe long lives.

You're either going to kill yourself or pretend that you're happy.
there is sadness and hopelessness and fear here but there is also friendship, distraction and even some happiness. some people are content in just managing to socialize and play games and help other people. I think the darker mood you ate in the harder those positive things are to see. although its not a place for cures and complete happiness its a place to attempt to help along the way I suppose.
I'm new here but I'm a long standing member of other very similar forums and I can't say I'm cured but it helps a lot. although I can accept it doesn't always help everyone the same way.

I believe there Is a glimmer of hope x
What is hope? A dictionary would say "the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best: to give up hope."

People that have overcome depression and sadness didn't just have hope feelings.

Hope is only part of what gets people out of depression. Getting out of depression and sadness more has to do with determination and persistence for improving our lives, well beings, and self confidence. We can't just have hope without any plan of action or motivation to get better.


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I am not miserable from what goes on in my life anymore, the only reason I am miserable is because of my health issue. Life can get better. The only time I get depressed is if I am feeling really sick. Things that go on in my life do not make me sad. When my medications help, I actually get the chance to enjoy it some. The last thing I want is to die or feel like it's my only option. I would not EVER want to leave my kids behind. It's just difficult to suffer the fatigue & pain that I have to deal with. Everything that used to make me upset, not liking myself, past relationships, not being able to work, whatever, doesn't matter anymore, for all of that, I am okay from.


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I have delt with this for 42 years,,I don't forsee me getting better..I live day to day.. No future..When you put those kind of demands on youself you self sabotage... Try just living day to day and make short goals.. They can be anything.. Like I got up and took a shower, Or I made breakfast,.. You can extend them little by little.. Eventually you will be living again.. The only reason it hasn't worked for me is I have too many different problems..Give it a chance and see if it works,,, Akso you can go to the journalshere and write down how you are doing everyday.. Theres a public one and a private one..


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I use to be the MOST positive person on the planet. I have had enuf crap dropped on me the last 10 years for 1,000 people. My opinion?(for whatever it's worth) We are all DOOMED! So what if I want to check out a little early? It's not going to hurt ANYONE, I won't be missed and I get to go to the other side and see what's going on there. IT CANNOT BE WORSE THEN HOW I AM LIVING DAY TO DAY! Trust me! There is no god, there is no heaven and hell.

There is just the Great Emptiness. Sept 5th is the day I will go there. Peace


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I think the majority of us here may get better someday, but just better, not much better. Looking at the big picture, it's attitudes and the ability to cope, not really situations, that determine who is going to be suicidal or at least more miserable than people in general. So I guess I'm going to be like this till the day I put an end to it all. No hope.


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There is hope, there is reason to live. We all have a bright future ahead of us; After the rain all comes down, the rainbow and sun shine brightly.


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I unfortunately understood about myself that I will never recover. I lived with the pain all my life, it's all I know, I don't recognize myself without it cose there is no me outside it, it would need some sort of life saving revelation to make it possible. But I really want to live. Something good comes with all this - it's like imunity, with great rational conscience work I can really survive a lot, but then it comes worse and worse in steps, but it can be done. So I only Hope to find a way to make it all bearable. I can cope with bearable. I might even acomplish what I feel it's my only purpose here, So I'll be happy in my way... There is that thing about not identifying with the pain, but one must realize when it's too late. If you can see yourself outside it, I know there is hope for a full recovery, some relapses but...
there's you to return to.

But that's just me.


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You'd be surprised. Everyone has a chance at a great life; You may not see it now, but if you give it some time, I bet it'll emerge.

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To answer your question YES there is hope hun I have seen many heal and move forward with their lives The get therapy get new coping skills and they do survive happier lives some of us get stuck sometimes but there are also some that heal hun so yes there is always hope hugs
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