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Is there any kind of natural anti-depressant i can take?



Or anything mild that doesn't need a prescription. I'm feeling really bad but i don't want to go to the doctor. I have never taken anything before for depression so i don't know what's available. If possible i want something mild that works fast. Anything for anxiety would be good too, hey maybe even a placebo would work so i'm very open to herbal medicine even if there is no proof it works.
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St John's Wort. Available in health shops is known for its anti-depressant qualities.

Hope this helps.


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St John's wort comes as a tablet... you gotta be careful if you're taking other meds cos interacts with some eg anti-depressants, heart meds etc They really work for some people with mild depression.


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Don't think it's all that dear Xan.. Try Holland and Barrett they're usually lot cheaper than the smaller health shops.


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I've also heard that just spending some time outside in the sun will help and if thats not available then to get a "light box".
Although light boxes apparently are only effective for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)... if it's not that then they're no good. They are also pretty pricey... cheapest about £120 (not sure how much that works out in dollars).


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I work in a health food store, so I might be able to help answer questions. I'm no expert or doctor though, so this is just information and not medical advice!

St. John's Wort has been used for centuries in dealing with depression (or "melancholy" as in ye olde days), and anxiety. In modern studies, it seems to be most effective in mild to moderate depression, especially if anxiety is a cause. It can take two or more weeks to really work, though, like a lot of the modern SSRI drugs. It comes in tablets, although liquid extracts are less likely to have lost potency in general- basically, you can take it either way, so don't worry too much about that. There is also a tea out there by Traditional Medicinals (company in the U.S.) with St. John's in it, and right now I'm forgetting the name of it. The tea has a bunch of other calming herbs in it which work better in the short-term than St. John's does. That way, you get short and longer-term benefits by drinking it every day. Valerian, lemon balm, hops, and lavender are some examples of other calming herbs. Again, as pointed out by shygirl, be careful about any drug/herb interactions (ask your doc or consult a Physician's Desk Reference).
5-HTP is a supplement which has helped me out with depression and insomnia. It is also, like St. John's, related to serotonin (sp?) levels, but it seems to work more quickly. It needs several other nutrients to work in the body, so I just take a multivitamin along with it to help. I think vitamin B-6 is the most important of these nutrients.
None of these things works for everyone, unfortunately. I had to bounce around a little before settling on 5-HTP. It's also more expensive than St. John's, which was a drag.
Ok, good luck.


St John's Wort. Available in health shops is known for its anti-depressant qualities.

Hope this helps.
hahaha that was a funny ass reply dont know why it just looks so funny to me, im not laughing at you devistated just wanted to see if anyone else thinks its funny


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Ok well I'll echo everyone else with St. Johns wort, don't know if it works but i've been told that's what it does, available in most pharmacies.


Banana's (Potasium, mood stabilizer)
Sun Light
Bitter Chocolate (there really high coco stuff, coco naturally raises your endorphines, but milk counter acts it I think)
Any low GI foods, such as rice, potatoes, brown bread etc. including more of these into your diet is supposed to help.

Try getting off caffeine, reducing the amount you take or at least making it more stable throughout the day, caffeine as a stim will give you a high, but you come off it and can feel low quickly witout it.

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